Children’s myopia correction market chaotic survey: spend tens of thousands of yuan without any effect

Survey motivation

"Is it better to get eye drops or eat eye protection? Is it good to train or use a massage instrument? I really don’t know what to do." Recently, Ms. Liu, a citizen of Beijing, reported to reporters that some time ago, 7 some time ago, 7 for a while, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7. Some time ago, 7 herself, 7The year -old daughter found 75 degrees myopia. She took her daughter to try a variety of myopia treatment. The effect was not good. The number of myopia not only did not fall, but increased its increase.

Summer is coming, and minors’ myopia correction and vision prevention and control gradually heat up.Many parents look forward to corrected their children’s vision through rehabilitation treatment during the holidays.However, the mixed myopic rehabilitation treatment market has made many parents discouraged, and some parents took their children to try some projects and shouted to be deceived.

What are the chaos in the children’s myopia rehabilitation treatment market?How to rectify?The reporters have begun their investigation.

Since her daughter is 7 years old, Wang Meng, who lives in Xi’an, Shaanxi, has been on the way to correct vision.But there is no practical effect. "

Wang Meng said: "At the beginning, we went to a correction institution for massage acupoints. After each massage, we immediately tested vision. It was really effective. Later, it was discovered that the eyes were relaxed at that time, not that I could really correct myopia."One year later, his daughter’s vision not only did not be controlled, but the number of close vision increased by 100 degrees, which made the whole family suffer, and finally went to the hospital to match glasses.

Behind Wang Meng’s pit is the issue of myopia in children and adolescents in my country.According to data from the National Health and Health Commission, in 2022, the overall myopia rate of children and adolescents in my country was 53.6%.Among them, the proportion of myopia for children under the age of 6 is 14.5%, the proportion of myopia in primary school students is 36%, the proportion of myopia in junior high school students is 71.6%, and the myopia ratio of high school students is 81%.

As the summer comes, many parents use their children to go to school without school, and they are going around to try to correct their children’s vision and reduce their children’s myopia.Parents’ attention to myopia for children has also pushed up the popularity of myopia prevention and control and correction of the market, and a number of myopia correction products have emerged endlessly.

However, after a large number of children and adolescents accepted a variety of treatment myopia products and methods, they did not control the deepening of myopia, and they did not restore their vision. They walked through the mixed myopia correction market in fish and dragons. Many parents bluntly were "pit".

Known as three courses of treatment

The number of degrees after one year increases the number of degrees

In the summer of Beijing, an outdoor department of the Ophthalmology Department of a hospital is full of parents and children waiting for the call.

Beijing citizen dream is one of them.Her daughter Yueyue was 9 years old. She was found myopia in a regular physical examination in school two years ago, but the degree was less than 100 degrees.According to the medical examination suggestion, she took her daughter to the hospital for examination. The doctor told her to prevent myopia and need to ensure the outdoor time of two hours a day.

Fang Meng and her husband’s work were very busy. They couldn’t take the time to take the time to take their daughter for outdoor activities. When they went to find the doctor to review their vision, the number of myopia of Yueyue continued to increase.This time, after the doctor asked her about the situation in detail, the number of myopia of Yueyue increased faster, which may be related to hereditary, because Fang Meng and her husband both had about 500 degrees of myopia.Essence

Fang Meng began to attach importance to her daughter’s myopia, and then tried myopia correction methods such as traditional Chinese medicine massage, eye protection stickers, and 3D training.Propaganda, trying to restore her daughter’s vision with so -called treatment instruments.

According to Fang Meng, spending a lot of money to buy treatment equipment, the child wore not only without effect, but his vision had a rapid decline. She was scared to stop using it, and other correction methods had no effect.

This summer, she grabbed the clinic number of an ophthalmology department in advance and took her child to review her vision.The test results are not optimistic, and the child’s vision is still declining. The doctor suggested that she with glasses with glasses.

The hour from Hebei is 9 years old, and the number of myopia has reached 475 degrees.Two years ago, when the mother Qian Yao learned that her son could not see the words on the blackboard, he took the child to the hospital for examination. He had already had a short -sightedness of more than 200 degrees.Qian Yao began to limit his frequency of using electronic products, and also gave him a lot of nutrients such as lutein, but the number of myopia was still increasing.

Later, after being introduced by a friend, she took the child to a local institution that claims to treat myopia.When I went for the first time, the child could not even see the first line of the first line of vision.After correction, you can see the third line of the vision table. Under the recommendation of the other party, Qian Yao bought a package at the institution.Unexpectedly, the number of treatment times is increasing, but the treatment effect is getting worse and worse. At present, the first line of the vision table cannot be seen.

What makes parents depressed is that myopia correction has no effect, but the cost is not less. Basically, it starts with 10,000 yuan, and tens of thousands of yuan is normal.

According to Fang Meng, she purchased a myopia correction package for her daughter, and some products spent tens of thousands of yuan each.Wang Meng also spent tens of thousands of yuan for her daughter for myopia correction.

The reporter’s visit found that in the myopia correction market, all kinds of so -called correction products are dazzling. There are eye stickers within 10 yuan, eye drops of less than 100 yuan, and myopia correction instruments and massage instruments with more than 1,000 yuan …But the effects of these products are doubtful.

For example, on social platforms, there are many posts that publicize and promote a brand of myopia prevention and control, which introduces its efficacy and attach to the purchase link.The reporter noticed that in the comment area under such posts, there will always be similar account messages saying that the eye stickers prevent and control myopia.However, some users who bought the product "appeared" in the comment area, and bluntly stated that the product was "useless at all. After the post was posted, it was not as cool as the ice."

On the e -commerce shopping platform, the reporter browsed "product evaluation" and "ask everyone" information to understand the efficacy of its products by consulting the sale of eye stickers, eye drops and the treatment instruments.After that, the number of myopia can be achieved.

In this case, why do parents spend huge sums of money to correct myopia?

In Fang Meng’s opinion, myopia correction involves professional knowledge of the eye. Some institutions use the eager psychology and professional barriers of parents to sell their words.inside".

Wang Meng told reporters that he was "not surgery, not taking medicine, and the three courses was picked in the three courses." If it has no effect for a month, and the full refund "is guaranteed, the psychological defense is gradually loosened, so he embarked on myopia on myopia, so he embarked on myopia.Correct long road.

According to the introduction of many interviewed parents, the reporter summarized some vision correction institutions:

"If you do not perform myopia correction, your eyes will increase by 150 degrees a year. After the myopia prevention and control, you can not increase and control or reduce the degree." Treating parents’ anxiety about the development trend of myopia; "My two children bothIt took this product to take off the glasses, one 200 degrees, one 300 degrees, so I chose to make myopia correction products to help more people take off the glasses. "—"In the past two years, television stations have our advertisements, and athletes in the international shooting race posted this eye sticker to explain that this product is very safe." —— Use advertisements to increase the degree of service.

Confidentiality in the exchange group

Sell directly without listing products

The reporter’s investigation found that behind the choice of myopia correction, some parents are in some myopia communication groups that are filled with myopia anxiety.

According to people, the reporter recently joined multiple myopia exchange groups.

One of them is called "Children’s Myopia Prevention and Control Battle" discussion group, and there are hundreds of members of the group.The reporter noticed that the group banned others from publishing advertisements. It could only send eye protection products from time to time and shared some eye protection articles from time to time.The reporter clicked into the store, which sells products such as glasses, eye stickers, fish oil, lutein, and some therapeutic instruments.Paradox+reversal shot, the whole set price starts from tens of thousands of yuan.

In another myopia exchange group with hundreds of members of the group, it can only release product introductions such as eye protection paste by the owner. Once someone asks in the group whether someone has bought eye protection cream and the product effect.Its removal group chat.

In a social group named "Children’s Myopia Prevention and Control", the reporter just joined and saw the owner of the "Dr. Li Li" of "Ophthalmology".The child is only 8 years old and has to be controlled as soon as possible. Otherwise, in the future junior high school, the glasses will collapse the bridge of the nose … "

After the parents introduced their children’s myopia and the treatment method, "Dr. Li Li" replied: "In this case, there is no risk for surgery, but also the effect can not be guaranteed. It is best to use a low concentration of low concentrationAda Pin for long -term correction, at the same time, it can be used to use it. "

When other parents asked where to buy low -concentration Atropine, "Dr. Li Li" quickly replied: "If you need it, you can find me."

At this time, there will be "parents" in the group to "platform" for the group owner, saying that their children use eye drops and OK mirrors recommended by the group owner, and successfully achieved a decline in myopia.

The reporter found that whenever there are new members entering the group, these "parents" will stand up to settle the atmosphere, from time to time@记 记, thank the group owner’s recommended products.

The reporter found through observations for 4 consecutive days that the above -mentioned "atmosphere group" account was active members in the group, and each time was similar, mostly repeating their children’s situation and thanking the product recommended by the group owners.At the same time, for some time, these accounts will modify their own group remarks and personal avatars, and start a new round of "settlement".

When the reporter added the above -mentioned "children’s myopia prevention and control" group main social account, the owner was very "cautious". Ask the reporter’s channel to add his social account and ask the reporter’s relevant information to check.When the reporter said that when he wanted to buy a low -concentration of Atropine Drops, the owner sent 5 brands of low -concentration Atto eye drops, ranging from 70 yuan to 400 yuan per box, and said "I am not selling medicines,I’m just an ophthalmologist. "

The reporter also added a number of "doctors" selling Eto eye drops. When asked if it could prove the identity of his doctor, the other party had no positive response, but emphasized that it was "a doctor, but it was inconvenient to disclose specific information. If you want the child to reduce the degree,Just buy it, don’t believe it. "

When the reporter asked about the source of the drug, the above -mentioned owner replied: "There are no specific sources of supply, these eye drops are not listed, and some are directly shipped by the manufacturers."

It is understood that Atto is a commonly used drug, which is currently between 0.01%and 0.05%. It is widely used in myopia children with a rapid growth of the degree growth and is also known as low concentration Atto.

"At present, the mechanism of preventing and controlling myopia of Atropine’s eye drops is not clear." Dr. Zhao from a well -known ophthalmology hospital in Beijing told reporters that low -concentration Atropine eye drops cannot be purchased in China.Purchasing and purchasing private purchases privately, even if it is authentic, whether the concentration is standard, no professionals can be used to avoid causing allergies, and even Atropine poisoning.

The threshold for franchise institutions is not high

Employees do not need professional background

During the interview, some parents expressed their questions to reporters that what was the situation of myopia correction agencies that spent tens of thousands of yuan looking for?

The reporter searched thousands of franchise information on social platforms on social platforms as keywords.

According to public information, if you want to join a vision correction agency, you need to go through processes such as franchise consultation, application agent, store, headquarters review, headquarters on -site inspection, negotiation and review of agents, signed franchise contracts, training and counseling agents.The franchise fee ranges from 100,000 yuan to 600,000 yuan. The franchise fee includes providing brand authorization, site selection and decoration counseling, technical training for franchisees, personnel recruitment and professional talent training, providing instrument and equipment, opening guidance and operation servicesWait for help.In the franchise commitment, the headquarters will provide services such as brand advantages, professional guidance, management, and marketing promotion, but will not make a profit commitment to the franchisees.

The reporter contacted a franchise brand in Shandong as a franchisee. When asking what qualifications are required to join, the other party emphasized that only the business license and optometry qualification certificate are required.Support, no ophthalmology professional background.

According to the requirements of relevant occupational standards, vision correction instructor needs to hold a certificate, and there are requirements for age, education, and life life.However, when the reporter asked if a franchise brand had to review whether his visual correction instructor’s certificate was required when recruiting workers, the other party replied: "I have never heard of any certificates, and the headquarters will conduct employee training for franchisees. GenerallyAfter 5 days, you can go to the job after training. "

The reporter found that multiple third -party application agencies found that it would take about 30 to 45 days from the registration to the certificate.Some institutions said they would give the question bank, "brush before the exam, there is no problem passing the exam"; some institutions even promised, "There is no time to brush the question, there is no time to listen to the class, it doesn’t matter, the organization can help ‘";In order to promote students to register, some institutions have clearly stated that "listening to the lesson for free arranging custody, the test can be operated, and the package is obtained."

The reporter also found that many institutions are under the name of recruiting "vision conservationists", but they do not make any professional, skills and qualifications for the candidates.For newcomers who do not have any professional foundation, the other party said that they can train first and then work.

The reporter contacted a vision correction institution in Beijing on the grounds of applying for the post of "Eye Acupoint Massage".Regarding the qualifications of applicants, the staff said: "It is best to have the experience of Chinese medicine massage, affinity and patience, and a certain sales experience." When the reporter said that he did not have any professional knowledge and did not have the experience of Chinese medicine massage, the job was the work.The personnel responded: "It doesn’t matter if you have no massage experience. It is important to have good expression ability and sales experience."

It is understood that in some vision correction agencies, vision therapists generally have several jobs, and are not only responsible for massage of young people’s eye acupoints for young people who come to see vision correction, but also sell products and packages corrected by myopia correction.The staff of the above -mentioned institutions also told reporters that if the sales of vision therapists reached 30,000 yuan, they can get 3 points (3%) bonuses, and more than 100,000 yuan can get 15 points (15%) of 15 points (15%).bonus.

I am not cured at present

Marketing must not mislead the public

For parents, they are eager to know whether myopia can be corrected by children and adolescents, and how should they make choices in the face of the mixed myopia correction market in fish and dragons?

In this regard, a visionist at the E -Optimum Center of Peking University People’s Hospital believes that there are many methods and equipment on children’s myopia prevention prevention in the market, but there is no "artifact" that can reverse myopia.

The above -mentioned ophthalmology Dr. Zhao told reporters that for teenagers, there are generally pseudo -myopia and true myopia. Pseudo -myopia is mainly due to long -term adverse eye habits. Generally, it rarely exceeds 200 degrees, and it will become true myopia.Pseudo -myopia can be recovered by resting and correcting bad eye habits. At present, there are various methods and instruments for treating pseudo -myopia in the market. If there are specific exact effects, further verification is required.

Dr. Zhao told reporters that taking the eye protection stickers, bright eyes, acupoint massage instruments, intelligent training instruments, etc. on the market as examples, the "rehabilitation", "recovery", "relieving eye fatigue", "reduction", "improvement" usedMost of the vision "" myopia cure "and" degree repair ", most of them lack scientific basis, not only infringe on consumers’ right to know, but also make some consumers misunderstand, and then ignore children’s myopia prevention and control work.

In fact, for the endless marketing issues in the field of myopia correction, in recent years, the Ministry of Education and the National Health and Health Commission and other departments have released a number of policy documents to effectively strengthen the prevention and control of children and adolescent myopia in the new era.

For example, as early as 2019, the Ministry of Education and other departments jointly issued the "Notice on Further Standardizing the Regulatory Work of Children and Adolescent Impatient Correction" pointed out that "under the current medical technology conditions, myopia cannot be cured" clearly required institutions or individualsDo not use "rehabilitation" and "lower degree" in marketing to mislead the public.

Chen Yinjiang, deputy secretary -general of the Consumer Rights Protection of the Chinese Law Society, said that many visual correction institutions lack diagnosis and treatment qualifications and professionals, and often use verbal commitments to mislead consumers.Agreement, retain evidence so that rights can be right in the future.

Although myopia cannot be cured, it can be controlled.In addition to congenital genetic factors, the unscientific eye habits of the day after tomorrow are the main causes.People in the industry therefore suggested that in addition to cooperating with treatment, everyone is the first responsible person of their own health. Students should also minimize the "screen reading" time.posture.

(The respondents are pseudonym) (Reporter Zhao Li)

Source: Rule of Law Daily

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