Chen Qiaoen issued a post to clarify that pregnancy, because the fans did not read the text, causing netizens to misunderstand

July 29th is the third anniversary of the encounter between Chen Qiaoen and Alan. The two celebrated this special day.

Chen Qiaoen not only showed a sweet photo with Alan, but also reposted the videos made by the fans for themselves. There is a saying in the video "from the two -person world to the family of three".The information of the official announcement must be the good wishes of netizens, but there are still many netizens who think that Chen Qiaoen is a good news from the official announcement and already has a baby.

On July 30, Chen Qiaoen himself responded positively and clarified that he was pregnant.

She said that when she actually turned ins dynamics, she usually looked at the photos and did not look at the text content, so she caused misunderstandings, but she still thanked everyone for their concern for herself.

On July 2nd, some media revealed that Chen Qiaoen and Alan were shopping together. At that time, Chen Qiaoen was flat and there was no pregnancy.

If you want to come to Chen Qiaoen, he will not tell the good news of individual fans in private.

In fact, when Chen Qiaoen participated in the Taipei Film Festival this year, he was asked about the child plan, and she said "let it go."

However, Chen Qiaoen is 43 years old this year. It may not be as easy to conceive as young women, so choosing to be afraid that it will delay more things.

Chen Qiaoen’s good sister Zhao Xiaoqiao is a good example. She just gave birth to her daughter at the age of 41, and she was unable to conceive naturally before.Passing the fetus, it looks quite embarrassed, which makes people feel very distressed.

Chen Qiaoen is two years older than Zhao Xiaoqiao, so it is more difficult to ask for children.

Since Chen Qiaoen and Alan are together, they have been speculated by netizens many times. Every time I get fat, it has been rumored that it is hard to escape pregnancy, but Chen Qiaoen himself has been clarified by himself.

Although Chen Qiaoen is a fat constitution, fortunately, he can lose weight soon, and he is very careful about his body management at a critical moment.

After marriage, the female star will inevitably be given birth, and will be stared at the stomach by the media. I hope that when Chen Qiaoen responds again next time, don’t clarify, but admit it.

Chen Qiaoen and Alan were associated with the variety show "The Love of Daughter" and gained true love.Chen Qiaoen was very lucky and met a particularly good person. For so many years, he finally had a reassuring home.

Now that Alan came from Malaysia to Taiwan and settled down. His friends here were more than Chen Qiaoen, and he was invited to the street to paint on the street. He was famous and wished the two of them kept happily.

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