Chen Meng took a pregnant photo, Zhu Xiaowei kissed the fetus on one knee, and Chen Yaman’s lies could not hide anymore


It is a woman who wants a child. As a wife, I naturally want a child, but having a child is not a matter of me alone, and I have nothing to do!

This is a word that Chen Yaman and Zhu Xiaowei separated in an interview with the media!


Everyone can see that Chen Yaman is in the connotation of Zhu Xiaowei, and is intended to throw the pot "no child after marriage" to the latter!

As we all know, Chen Yanan is Zhu Xiaowei’s first wife. In order to take care of Chen Yanan to take care of Xiao Wei, the coat brothers did not hesitate to take out a million gifts, and they bought luxury cars and bought luxury homes., But who would have thought that on the third day after marriage, Chen Yaman revealed the "fox tail", resigned as a nurse in the hospital, and entered the live broadcast field!

Zhu Xiaowei is not a smart child, and the emotional intelligence is not too high. After marriage, he can only follow his wife and let others go!


After earning money in the new field, Chen Yanan began to dislike Zhu Xiaowei, thinking that he was not thinking of forgiveness, playing mobile phones all day, so that she could not see the hope of life, so there was a "getting married in less than a year".A scene!

After the two of them divorced, Zhu Xiaowei was under pressure. It was a big problem to have no fertility except that they were unable to be resistant.of!

After Chen Ya Nan turned over this page, the coat brother quickly found his son, Chen Meng, a kindergarten teacher from the same county!


The matter of the two developed rapidly, not only taking wedding photos, but also living together!As of now, Chen Meng has exposed the B -ultrasound twice, once with 40 days of pregnancy, and 8 weeks of pregnancy!

Just recently, Chen Meng took a pregnant photo, and her belly looked very large. From the B -ultrasound, she was pregnant with twins. During this period, Zhu Xiaowei kissed the fetus in her belly!

That is to say, Chen Meng is pregnant, and the output period is getting closer!

If Chen Meng is not pregnant, then Zhu Xiaowei’s "infertility" label is difficult to tear off. Today, the wife who has not passed the door has been pregnant for several months, indicating that Zhu Xiaowei has no problem.of!

Therefore, Chen Ya Nan was thrown to Zhu Xiaowei who did not give birth to a child at first. It was obviously a small behavior. As for the future, will she have a intersection with Zhu Xiaowei? Let’s wait and see!

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