Check the cosmetic bag after pregnancy to remove skin care products with safety questions

It is sufficient to moisturize during pregnancy. Skin care products that remove freckles and acne, whitening anti -wrinkle and skin care products containing spices and alcohol ingredients should not be used. Such skin care products usually contain substances that are not safe for babies.

Anti -wrinkle skin care products mostly contain vitamin A acid. This substance is effective to fight wrinkle, but it is potential to danger to babies. Cases of cases of vitamin A acid in clinical pregnancy cause fetal malformations. At the same time, vitamin A acid is also considered to cause abortion and lowThe possibility of weight loss.

Acne -consuming skin care products contain salicylic acid ingredients and have hidden safety hazards for babies. They may also contain two types of ingredients: different -dimensional A acid and A alcohol. Such ingredients have confirmed that they have teratogenic effects on babies.

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers adhere to the principle of "don’t touch if you have any questions" with cosmetics containing such ingredients!

For most pregnant mothers, pigmentation during pregnancy is a normal physiological phenomenon and does not require special treatment and treatment.Whitening and freckle products often contain heavy metals and toxic substances -lead and mercury; they may also add harmful substances such as hormones.The spice and alcohol ingredients are likely to mean phthalate. It will interfere with hormone secretion and play a role, which will adversely affect the fetus.Cosmetics containing alcohol ingredients can easily cause skin problems such as skin allergies and aggravate skin dryness.

Among the ingredients or packaging materials of personal care products, it contains BPA (chemical bisphenol A), DBP (bonitate diode, often used in plasticizers and insect repellent), depWhen you use ethyl ester), Deet (often used in insect repellent), do not choose.

The safety of these ingredients and substances has never been confirmed, and many of them have been confirmed that "internal orientation has teratogenic effects" or cases are prompted to have fetal harm.Although it is just "internal service" and "cases" indicating harmful, cosmetics are topical products and these material contents are not much. However, in order to ensure the safety of pregnant mothers and fetuses, it is recommended to use less or not.Everything is eliminated.

Source: Science and Technology Literature Publishing House "Chinese Mom Mother’s Preparation Book"

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