Check that there is no fetal bud, but the symptoms of early pregnancy need to be persisted obviously?Listen to what the doctor says

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When does the fetal heart appear? It is related to the menstrual cycle

The doctor told us that the advice of the clinic doctor is right. There are no fetal buds for 58 days, indicating that there is indeed abnormal.Because in general, fetal sacs will be formed around 30-40 days of pregnancy, and fetal buds will be formed around 40-50 days of pregnancy, and fetal hearts will occur about 50-60 days of pregnancy.Therefore, according to conventional embryo development, my friend may have problems without fetal buds without fetal buds for 58 days.

However, it is not necessarily the abortion or abortion, because if there are early pregnancy symptoms such as bloating, dizziness, nausea, and fatigue, it may be the problem of late embryonic development.The doctor said that the appearance of fetal buds, according to the individual differences in pregnant women, there are early and late, which is also related to the menstrual cycle.

Like some pregnant women’s menstrual rules, it is a 28 -day menstrual cycle, so the fetal buds of fetal heart develops normally, and they appear earlier.Some pregnant women have 35 days, and even menstrual disorders are only 45 days before menstruation. Then the pregnancy time is uncertain, and the time of the fetal heart of the fetal buds cannot be calculated according to the general pregnancy time.Therefore, this situation may appear later.Therefore, the doctor suggested that my friend has to wait a week if there is no abnormal situation.

At the latest 10 weeks, there is no fetal bud and fetal heart, it is generally recommended to give up

The doctor also gave us an example saying that she had been diagnosed with a pregnant woman before, and she had no fetal buds for almost 60 days, but because of her pregnancy difficulty, she wanted to persist again.Later, this pregnant woman was dragged until 67 days of pregnancy, and the B -ultrasound checked the fetal heart.Therefore, the doctor said that according to her experience and the characteristics of embryo development, in the case of obvious symptoms of early pregnancy, at the latest 10 weeks, if there is no fetal buds, it is generally recommended to give up.

Indeed, the doctor’s estimation time is pretty conservative, and the mood of pregnant mothers is fully considered.Because many doctors say that in general, there are no fetal buds in the 60 days of pregnancy, and the possibility of fetal stopping must be considered.Therefore, the pregnant mother can give the baby a little more time.

For reference symptoms, you also need to be alert to fetal stopping

Of course, if the embryo is really problematic, pregnant mothers do not need to persist, and they should perform abortion surgery as soon as possible to prevent the fetus from being too long in the abdomen to cause damage to the body.The doctor said that you can refer to the symptoms and be alert to the occurrence of fetal stopping.First of all, alert bleeding may be a threatened abortion.Secondly, without abdominal pain and bleeding, a B -ultrasound can be performed at 7 or 8 weeks of pregnancy to see how the pregnancy sac is developed and whether there is wrinkles and atrophy.Then see if there are fetal buds and fetal hearts. If there is no after 10 weeks, it means that the fetus is really stopped.Finally, you can also do a blood test HCG check to see if the value meets the normal reference value, whether there is a decrease or too low, and then make a final judgment based on the results of the B -ultrasound.

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