Cervical cysts should not be underestimated, preventing and methods also pay attention to methods and methods

Cervical cysts are a kind of chronic cervicitis. It is a common gynecological disease. Cervical cysts, also known as Nazi gland cysts. It is the process of cervical erosion in the process of healing.Excessive hyperplasia blocks the cervical gland, which is generally small and scattered, highlighting on the surface of the cervix, blue and white, and staying in the gland to form a cyst of varying sizes.

The cause of cervical cyst

Causes of cervical cysts: The cause of formation is similar to the "acne" on the face. In the process of cervical erosion healing, the new -born squamous epithelium covers the mouth of the cervical glandular pipe or extended into the gonad tube to block the glandular mouth; the glandular duct;The surrounding connective tissue hyperplasia or scars form the gonad tube, narrowing or even blocking the glandular ducts, and the drainage of glandular secretions is blocked. The cyst formed formed is called a cervical Na Shi cyst.

In chronic cervicitis, cervical glands and surrounding tissue are proliferated.When the glandular duct is squeezed by the surrounding tissue and the glandular mouth is blocked, the secretions inside the gland can not flow out of the outside and cause the glandular cavity to expand, forming a cystic mass of varying sizes."Bound", also known as Nabet cysts.The mucus it contains is often clear and transparent, but it may be turbid purulent due to combined infection.The cysts are generally small and scattered, which can protrude from the surface of the cervix.The small ones are only small of millet grains, large ones are large, and they are large and white. They may be accompanied by erosion, but they are also common in the smooth cervix on the surface.Due to the long -term stimulation of chronic inflammation, the cervical tissue repeatedly occurs with congestion, edema, inflammatory cell infiltration and connective tissue hyperplasia, which causes cervical hypertrophy, and severe cases can increase by more than double the cervix.For severe inflammation, it can cause abnormal menstruation or even infertility.

Checking of cervical cysts

Cervical cyst diagnosis mainly includes methods such as cervical coating, vaginal examination, B-ultrasound, TCT examination, HPV-DNA detection and other methods.

1. Cervical coating test: Under the stimulation of long -term inflammation, a small number of patients with chronic cervicitis have a tendency to change bad changes. Therefore, patients with cervical cysts do cervical coating every year.

2. Po virgoscopy: The diagnosis of cervical cysts is obviously obvious. You can directly detect the diseased parts to diagnose whether there are abnormal lesions. At the same time, the severity of the lesion is determined as the basis for the treatment.

3.B ultra -examination: B -ultrasound is a very common method of cervical cyst. Cervical cysts are common diseases in gynecological ultrasound diagnosis.

4.TCT examination: This kind of cervical cyst diagnosis is currently internationally advanced cervical lesions grading cytological examination technology. Compared with traditional Pakistani dyeing tests, the specimen is highly satisfied.

5. HPV-DNA test: HPV infection is a necessary factor in the incidence of cervical cancer. Vaginal mirror examination can see the lesions on the surface, but it is often a late lesion.

Cervical cyst prevention

(1) Pay attention to hygiene, keep the vulva cleaning, and prevent pathogenic bacteria from invading.

(2) Integration has a degree to avoid excessive housework.Pay attention to sexual hygiene, spouse should pay attention to clearing the foreskin of the penis.

(3) Perform family planning, take contraceptive measures, and try to avoid mechanical damage to cervix multiple times as much as possible.At the same time, gynecological surgery operations should be strictly sterilized to prevent medical -derived infections and damage.

(4) Avoid damage to the cervix during childbirth.

(5) Pay attention to the hygiene period of menstrual period, abortion period and puzzle period. Sexual intercourse and pots should be strictly prohibited during menstruation and postpartum to prevent pathogenic bacteria from entering.

(6) In the process of treating chronic cervicitis, houses should be prohibited.Menstrual period stops local medicine.Avoid spicy and greasy products during treatment.

(7) Regular gynecological examinations are performed, and cervical inflammation is found to be actively treated.

In addition, patients with cervical cysts should be supplemented with sufficient nutritional foods in their daily lives, and they should eat some qi and nourish blood foods appropriately. Pay attention to the intake of vegetables and fruits.

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