Cecilia Cheung lived a small belly, was it four -child or an oolong?

In the live broadcast room, Cecilia Cheung’s slightly bulging belly attracted many people’s attention.

Many people suspect that she already has a fourth child.

The biological father of the third child is still the mystery of the entertainment industry.

Now, is there another unsolved mystery?


In 1989, the 9 -year -old Cecilia Cheung finally looked forward to the divorce of his parents.

His father Zhang Renyong, loves gambling, and 14K big boss Pan Zhiyong, the names of the name "Yong", all of which have the same beard, and then have the same nickname "Hu Xuyong".

The unknown people who do not know the truth are easy to mix him into a 14K big guy "Hu Xuyong".

Just like Qiu Qianzheng’s brother, although he does not know the palm of the sand, he can also cheat and drink on the rivers and lakes.

Men who love gambling will not have a happy family.Zhang Renyong often fights with his wife at home.

During the daytime bed, the chickens jumped, and the bed was moved at night.

Cecilia Cheung watched it, and watched coldly.

After her parents were divorced, although she lived with her mother’s difficult life, she felt relieved.

In 1993, Cecilia Cheung, 13, immigrated to Australia with his mother.

Because of her difficult life, she went to school while carrying a part -time job with her mother.

In Social University, Cecilia Cheung not only learned to smoke and drink. In order to make money, she also went to the nightclub part -time.

Recalling the bold part -time past, Cecilia Cheung said:

"The clothes you wear can not be like this (pure), or if you are not a guest, it will not be so sweet that singing."

In addition to learning some survival skills, Cecilia Cheung also talked about a short love.


In 1995, the 15 -year -old Cecilia Cheung opened his heart and talked about a "one -day love" in Australia.

Many years later, she talked to the media:

"We just took a day of dragging, and we didn’t pull it. The other party went to study in a places the next day. He also asked his sister to pass the sincere and hot love letter to me in other places."

This first love, because the other party did not know Chinese, she didn’t understand English, she came in a hurry, and hurried.

That year, in Cecilia Cheung’s life, the two men who had a pivotal manner talked about their first love with each other.

The 15 -year -old rich second -generation Chen Guanxi, "very stupid and naive", was unable to extricate the gentle town of the black sister.

But even if Edison Chen used all his best, the black sister was not satisfied.She and Edison Chen’s best friend did the same thing, and afterwards, she also painted Chen Guanxi to share experience.

This incident stabbed Chen Guanxi deeply, and since then he "unplugged" and no longer "naive".

The same 15 -year -old star Nicholas Tse became very rebellious because his parents were divorced. Not only did he fight at school, he also played early in love with Teacher Dai Sicong’s daughter Dai Xinwei.

Who would have thought that after many years, the fate of the three of them was entangled like hemp rope.


In 1998, 18 -year -old Cecilia Cheung returned to Hong Kong after graduating from middle school.

She originally wanted to be a nurse, but her face value was not allowed to be so low -key.

When she was shopping, she was excavated by the scouts and took a lemon tea advertisement, which was inexplicable.

It didn’t take long for Cecilia Cheung to be done by Zhu Yongtang, who played the banana peel in "The Dangerous", and did all the things that could be done between all male and female friends.

Zhu Yonglong, the brother of Zhu Yongtang, was known as the "Hong Kong Gold Medal Broker". He thought that his brother and Cecilia Cheung had cooked rice and signed her.

Many years later, after Zhu Yongtang withdrew from the entertainment industry, he often showed off to others complacent, and he was Cecilia Cheung’s first man.

Cecilia Cheung’s dad "Hu Xuyong" looked at her daughter, and ran to Zhu Yonglong in the middle of the night to "borrow" money to pay for debt.

At that time, Xingye was the cast as "King of Comedy". When he saw Cecilia Cheung’s lemon tea advertisement, he was excited.

Cecilia Cheung became the star girl "Liu Piaopiao".

Under Xingye’s handle, Xiao Bai Zhang Baizhi quickly made amazing acting skills.

In the end, "The King of Comedy" became the box office champion of the year, and Cecilia Cheung won the Hong Kong Golden Award for Best Newcomer Award.

At this time, she met a man who changed her life.


In 1999, 19 -year -old Chen Guanxi returned to Hong Kong for vacation. With his father’s connections, with the invitation of Dawn, one of the four heavenly kings, he and Cecilia Cheung team played a couple and shot a group of subway advertisements.

In the advertisement, in addition to biting their ears, they also kissed sweetly together.

In the same year, Cecilia Cheung also realized his wish as a nurse in the movie "Wish", and sang the theme song "New Star Wish". The high starting point was mixed into the music scene and signed a global record company.

In this way, Cecilia Cheung and popular singer Chen Xiaodong became colleagues.The two sang "Leave the Favorite Talk" together.

The song is not hot, but the scandal does not go.

In order to avoid the long guns of the paparazzi, Cecilia Cheung also dressed as a men’s dress, and even got into the rear box of Chen Xiaodong.

People are afraid of famous pigs and fear of strength. After Cecilia Cheung becomes popular, she will come to the door.

It is rumored that because of Cecilia Cheung’s father, "Hu Xuyong" to protect people, owe a gambling debt, provoke the underworld, was "chased by rivers and lakes", and brought Cecilia Cheung to a "rivers and lakes".

As Cecilia Cheung was in the way, he extended a helping hand to Tai and settled the storm of the rivers and lakes.

Since then, Cecilia Cheung has been planted in the backyard of the Xiang family.

Many years later, Xiang Tai broke the news that she came forward to resolve the storm of the rivers and lakes, saving Cecilia Cheung on the fire and fire.

Xiang Tai said that at that time, Cecilia’s agent Zhu Yonglong also forced her to accompany the big guy in the circle; Zhou Xingchi wanted to force her to shave her head in "Shaolin Football", destroy her jade girl image and so on.

With the support of Xiang Tai, Cecilia Cheung is even more fish in the Hong Kong circle.

While the career continues to rise, the love field is full of flowers.


On March 12, 2000, the spring is bright and suitable for planting trees.

Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse openly kissed in the bar, and for a while "Feng Fei Lian" has long occupied the entertainment headlines.

Cecilia Cheung and Chen Xiaodong were unwilling.

On June 14, the two were interlocking in the ten fingers of the restaurant, and in the eyes of the public, they drove away.

"Toshiba Lian" surfaced, and he wanted to test higher than Feng Fei.

In 2001, Cecilia Cheung and Tianwang Liming collaborated on the film "The King of Love".

Liming has a lot of care for Cecilia Cheung, care for care, and often playing billiards late at night.

On the night of the premiere of the movie, Cecilia Cheung was also rumored to be in the eyes of the public.

Perhaps it is just a play and promoting the movie, but when you see the flying scandal, the genuine boyfriend Chen Xiaodong can be mad!

The two of them quarreled, and they were scattered in one shot.

After breaking up, Chen Xiaodong also broke the news that Cecilia Cheung had a few boyfriends at the time, and the two accused each other of cheating.

"Toshiba" turned around.

In order to support his cash cow, the boss held a press conference to himself. With the absence of the party Cecilia Cheung, Chen Xiaodong had several sins.

Chen Xiaodong’s career has since fallen into the bottom of the valley and never got up.

In this wartime war, Nicholas Tse personally captured the pen for her new album "Kiss Apologies" to support her new album.

Since then, Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse have become friends, and have laid the foreshadowing for the future "long -term love".


In early 2002, 22 -year -old Cecilia Cheung accidentally turned over and almost disappeared in a program.

Leslie Cheung went to the visits first and gave her her amulet.

Nicholas Tse also went to visit, was photographed by the media, and rumors came out.But the two claimed that they were "brothers and sisters."

But two months later, Cecilia Cheung, who healed shortly after, went hand in Malaysia with Nicholas Tse and was exposed by the media.

This made Faye Wong very embarrassed.

However, the temporary combination of this car accident is not enough to cause substantial harm to "Feng Fei Lian".

If a game is not enough, then one more.

On March 23, Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung were overnight. The night car drove too long. In the early morning, he drove Ferrari sent by Yang Shoucheng. He was soft and had a traffic accident.

In order to escape the legal responsibility, Nicholas Tse fled the scene, returned to Cecilia Cheung’s house, and found the driver’s top bag.

This is the famous "Nicholas Tse Packal Case".

Cecilia Cheung appeared in court to investigate many times as a "gossip girlfriend".

Unexpectedly, before the dust was settled, the media reported the news of "Fengzhi" breakup.

As Cecilia Cheung said, he said that he was going to "sword and cut love", but he traveled to Thailand with Nicholas Tse, and was photographed.

The relationship between the two is confusing, making outsiders unable to see it.

In November of this year, the "Nicholas Tse Packal Case" officially announced.Subsequently, "Feng Fei Lian" reunited again.

In other words, Cecilia Cheung finished the certificate for Nicholas Tse, and was abandoned again.

Three again and again.Cecilia Cheung was very disappointed with Nicholas Tse, and glanced at Nicholas Tse’s friend, Edison Chen.


At that time, Edison Chen was the "little prince" of the Hong Kong circle. He not only was busy competing for Gillian with Yu Wenle, but also a scandal with Chen Wenyuan.

Cecilia Cheung poured oil on the fire and shot the horse to kill.

She and Edison Chen went to Taiwan to participate in a large -scale party.

"Photography Lovers" Teacher Edison Chen also filmed the "documentary" with interest. He did not expect that these precious resources for self -appreciation would become a timing bomb in the future.

On April 1, 2003, SARS haze was not dispersed, and the Iraq war was in full swing.

The amulet was given to Cecilia Cheung’s Leslie Cheung. He was depressed. He jumped up and fixed his life at the age of 48.

This made Cecilia Cheung very sorry and deeply blame:

"If the amulet does not leave his brother, he won’t happen."

After Leslie Cheung’s death, Cecilia Cheung turned into a "desperate three mother" and began to work hard.

Both the movie "Hedong Lion Roar" and "Can’t Forget" were greatly successful.

"Can’t forget" also made her the youngest film of the Golden Horse Awards.

That year, she was only 23 years old.

The career reached its peak, and hormones were about to move.


In 2005, Cecilia Cheung, 25, began to taste the taste of crooked nuts after trying the domestic flavor.

From foreign surfing coaches to Jeroen, who is high, the taste has not been light.

It was also in 2005. Li Yapeng finally entered the siege of marriage with Faye Wong through one -handed mahjong stunt.

Chen Kaige was not too busy, and invited Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse to the film "Wuji" crew.

The feelings of this grass snake gray line, Fu Yan Qianli.

In 2006, Faye Wong and Li Yapeng gave birth to the crystallization of love.

Later, Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse also entered the siege of marriage.

A year later, Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse also gave birth to the crystallization of love.

Just as the people eating melon felt that the prince and the princess had lived a happy life. When there was no melon, the mines buried by Teacher Edison Chen exploded.


In 2008, the "Yanzhaomen" incident broke out.

Cecilia Cheung’s marriage siege has become precarious.

Facing the rumors outside, and Cecilia Cheung crying again and again.Nicholas Tse carried the responsibility and responsibility of the man and became a "good man".

He said that he would protect the "victim" and family with an extremely "tolerant" heart.

Nicholas Tse’s waves really made him add a lot.

Subsequently, Cecilia Cheung also returned successfully, and Xie Xian and Dibara became "good parents’ in -laws."

Even in order to break the rumors about the disagreement of the two outside, the two also worked together and made another villain.

The birth of the second son is like a sealing cloth, which completely blocked the mouth of the people who eat melon.

Unexpectedly, on May 8, 2011, Cecilia Cheung and his old love Chen Guanxi met on the plane.

Cecilia Cheung took the initiative to change his seat and sat next to Edison Chen.

Along the way, the two said and laughed, and took a close photo.

After the photos of the two came out, they once again set off a stir.

Many people think that Cecilia Cheung is "good scars and forgetting pain", and they are not worthy of sympathy at all.

Nicholas Tse also gap.

May 24 is Cecilia Cheung’s birthday.

But Nicholas Tse would rather bask in the sun in Kuala Lumpur, and did not want to celebrate Cecilia Cheung.

Subsequently, Cecilia Cheung came out to live with Nicholas Tse.

One year later, the two formally divorced.

After the divorce, Nicholas Tse went smoothly.

Not only did he marry the divorce Faye Wong, he also opened the second spring of his career with one -handed cooking skills.

What about Cecilia Cheung?

In 2018, there was a third child, and the biological father is still a mystery.

In order to support the three sons, Cecilia Cheung had to run around to participate in various programs.

In 2021, Cecilia Cheung participated in the variety show "Sister Lang 2". Although the singing and jumping action often made mistakes, the popularity of the "good mother" and the online face value, the popularity is still high.

Today, Cecilia Cheung starts to live broadcast.

Although Cecilia Cheung’s Mandarin is still very "Hong Kong wind", with her high popularity, her cargo is smooth and smooth.

During the live broadcast, someone noticed that Cecilia Cheung’s slightly bulging belly, wondering if she had a fourth child?

Cecilia Cheung did not respond, but all kinds of "breaking news" was boiling on the Internet.

However, in fact, the Wanxiao knife, who is good at searching, quickly retrieved that as early as March 2021, some media exposed, saying that "Cecilia Cheung’s belly is quite obvious."

Subsequently, Cecilia Cheung responded to rumors of pregnancy, saying that he was not pregnant, but he only had to eat how fat, and thought that being rumored to be pregnant is actually a pretty happy thing.

Therefore, the slightly bulging belly during the live broadcast is not necessarily pregnant.

If you are pregnant, as a 42 -year -old mother, she should raise her fetus with peace of mind instead of desperately bringing goods in the live broadcast room.But if you are really pregnant, you don’t have to be surprised, there is nothing that Cecilia Cheung dare not do.

The first half of Cecilia Cheung has experienced many ups and downs.She is willful and even a bit free. Although she has paid the same price, not everyone, like her, has a wanton capital.

So she is lucky.

Author of this article: Wan Xiaodao, watching stars, writing gossip, with evidence; the image is positive and shadow oblique, all from self -picking, welcome to follow@万 本 本


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