Cats have the best age?No need to be anxious, the pregnant female cat knowledge class is opened

Those cats are pregnant

Now everyone is more and more detailed. Many little owners realize the importance of cats to prepare for cats and began to pay attention to the efficiency and quality of cat pregnancy.

After all, our kittens are also life -threatening. Based on their responsible attitude, the pet owners should pay attention to the preparation of cats before pregnancy.

From a medical perspective:

The best age of cats is the stage with the lowest probability of various adverse risks, from 1 and a half to 5 years.

But this is only the best probability, not the best or worst, so the owner does not have to feel anxious in the matter of cat pregnancy.

Especially female cats have a clear period of estrus. If you want a cat to get pregnant, you can prepare in advance.

Female cats are best not to get pregnant before the age of 1. Its producing canal has not been fully growing, and it is easy to produce difficult production.

Supplement nutrition for female cats in time, maintain healthy weight, and do not let the female cats too thin or too fat.

Medical judgment

From the day of mating for cats, you can take them to the hospital to check the B -ultrasound in about 1 month to determine whether the cat is successful.

Judgment through cat behavior

1. After pregnancy, cats will become unknown

At this time, cats will become very cautious. They usually like to be hugged by you. After pregnancy, in order to increase their sense of security, they will hide from others.

At this time, the owner should not chase the cat deliberately, which is easy to scare it and cause miscarriage.

2. Increased food, dry rice.

After pregnancy, kittens will increase significantly.

In the past, it could be ignored by food. Now it may start meowing and urging you before the meal.

When I ate, I gobbled, and there was no previous elegance.

3. The color of the nipples becomes darker

At 15-18 days of pregnancy, the nipple color transitions from pale pink to dark pink.

The hair next to the nipple will fall off naturally, and the nipples will become slightly larger.

4. The belly will gradually become larger

Over time, the pregnant female cat will slowly grow.

In the early stages of pregnancy, many novice owners may ask anxiously: My cat’s belly has never become bigger. What is going on?

Don’t worry, general cats will slowly show their stomach after 4 weeks of pregnancy.

3. How long is the cat’s pregnancy?

The cat is pregnant at a time: 63 ~ 66 days, which is about 2 months.

4. How to replenish nutrition scientifically?

Cats are very important to supplement nutrition during pregnancy. This not only allows pregnant female cats to be healthy, but also allows the kittens in the stomach to grow up.

Many malnutrition kittens, even if they are born, will die.

However, if there is no base to supplement nutrition and excess nutrition in the kitten, it will cause problems such as too large fetal and maternal cat obesity, causing difficulty in giving birth.

First of all, cat food must be selected for good quality. After pregnancy, the cat’s main food should be replaced in time to special commercial pet food during pregnancy. If you do not choose, Xiaomei teaches you the simplest selection standard: directly buy aafco printed on the packaging bag with AAFCO on the packaging bagThe logo of American commercial pet food.

A formal American commercial pet food is rich in more than 40 nutrients, which can supplement the balanced nutrition during pregnancy. There will be no malnutrition phenomenon, and it is not easy to cause difficulty in childbirth due to excess nutrition.

Secondly, cats during pregnancy are very easy to lack calcium. At this time, you must remember to give the cat more sun and help cats supplement vitamin D3 through sunlight to maintain bone density.

After the kitten is born, the female cat still needs to supplement nutrition.

2 months ago, the kitten only drank breast milk, so it was necessary to provide female cats with quality, security, and comprehensive and balanced American commercial pet food as a diet.

After 3 months, the female cat gradually returned to the normal diet, and the kitten can gradually feed American commercial pet food-kitten food to help the kitten grow healthily and grow up healthily.

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