Case: A woman in Guangxi was accidentally pregnant after three years and her husband separated. The derailment target caused her husband to collapse

In a marriage relationship, some people overwhelmed "distance to produce beauty", thinking that only to maintain a distance can maintain love. The essence of love is to accompany each other.The emotional diluted, so that all the contradictions that are easily resolved into the last straw that crushes the camel.

In 2016, a divorce case was tried in the People’s Court of Tianyang County, Baise City, Guangxi (now Baise City, Baise City) in June. A woman with Liuga stood on the court and sued to divorce her husband.

According to my country’s law: The woman shall not propose a divorce during pregnancy, one year after childbirth, or within six months after childbirth; however, the woman proposes to divorce or the people’s court believes that it is necessary to accept the divorce request of the man.The case is a divorce proposed by the woman, because of this special nature, the court accepted the case.What are the contradictions between the couple, so that even if the wife dragged her pregnancy to the court to ask for divorce?

According to the plot of the two sides in the court, the court sorted out the marriage relationship between the two:

In March 2001, the parties Zhou and Huang met with their chances of coincidence when they worked in Guangdong. They then had feelings and determined their relationship with each other.During the next marriage, and the marriage registration was processed.

At this time, Zhou was pregnant, and he gave birth to a big fat boy in July in July when he got married. The child’s arrival pushed the relationship between the couple to the climax.In order to be able to provide a better life for his wife and son, Huang chose to go out to work alone, and Zhou stayed at home to take care of the children and the elderly.

The daily life of couples in a different place is to live in their own circles. Except for the occasional communication of the phone, there is almost no contact. The phrase "The phone fee is too expensive, so, we are all good."The relationship between feelings has no passage, and the love between the couple can only stagnate and gradually collapse.

Beginning in 2013, the relationship between Zhou and Huang had cracks, and there were more and more contradictions. As a wife, Zhou Mou chose to run away from home in April 2013, leaving children eleven years old at home.The old man and the child did not take care of, and Huang could only quit his job and return to his hometown.

Since then, the couple have disappeared again, and Huang lived with the child.Huang thought that his wife would look at the child’s portion, at least he would come back to see, and after three years, he waited for a paper court to subdue.

It turned out that after being separated from Huang, his wife Zhou met another man in the factory. The gentleness and consideration of the man made Zhou feel the warmth of long -lost. With the man’s company, Zhou had forgotten that he had been a wife as a wife., Immediately devoted themselves to enthusiastic love again.

Zhou, who did not pay attention to contraceptive measures, found that she was pregnant in early 2016. In order to give the child a bright identity in the belly, she chose to file a divorce lawsuit with the Fa.

The wife left home for three years, and she returned unexpectedly. Even if Huang had a good temper, even with Zhou and Zhou, they had no feelings at all, but they were still very angry. Under what circumstances, as long as Zhou was still under his wife, his wife was still under his wife.The identity, doing this is to hit Huang’s face, and after learning that his wife’s boyfriend’s identity at this time, Huang even collapsed, because it turned out to be his friend many years ago.

Faced with the divorce lawsuit proposed by his wife, Huang said that the two had indeed broken emotional and no longer possible. He could divorce, but he asked his wife to settle the child’s support for the child in the past three years and pay the subsequent children at one time.The cost of borne.

According to the "Marriage Law of the People’s Republic of China": If the male and female parties require a divorce, the relevant departments can be mediate or directly submit a divorce lawsuit to the people’s court.The people’s court’s hearing of a divorce case shall be adjusted; if the relationship is indeed broken and the mediation is invalid, divorce should be allowed.

Among the emotional rupture stipulated here, two items are exactly the "who is a big marriage or a spouse lives with others" and "because of emotional disagreement with the two years of separation" Zhou and Huang, who has separated because of marriage contradictions.In the year, Zhou had already lived with others or even had children. In this case, he should determine that the relationship between the husband and wife should be broken and unable to recover.

Therefore, the court approved the demand for Zhou’s divorce. In terms of the child custody and the common property of the husband and wife, the two sides were not controversial. The child was raised by Huang. In order to divorce earlier, Zhou took the initiative to give up the division of common property and was willing to clean up.Out of the house.Regarding the child’s support fee, in order to give the child better educational resources, when the child went to junior high school, he took the child to the school in Nanning. Therefore, the cost of studying and living is larger than the townshipMany, in the end, according to the local specific living costs, the court sentenced Zhou to paying Huang Mou’s support for more than 50,000 yuan.

The truth of friends and wives let Huang completely disappointed with his wife. In fact, the contradiction between this couple has long been unable to reconcile, but both parties have chosen to ignore this relationship with various factors, which led to the final ending.If you have no feelings, you can choose to separate, but please do not delay the secondary damage. The child itself is innocent. Even if the contradiction between the husband and wife cannot be reconciled, please do not ignore the child.

("Case: A woman in Guangxi and her husband was accidentally pregnant after three years, and the derailment object caused her husband to collapse."

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