Can’t you be pregnant normally?You may not have done these things yet

Why is it so simple on TV, winning the prize at one time, but in reality, pregnancy is too difficult. I ca n’t conceive for several years. I have traveled all the best doctors in various places. The legs are fine and there are still no pregnancy.Obviously both sides are healthy, ovulation is normal, why can’t you be pregnant? Is it what I did wrong? Isn’t it what you did wrong? But you haven’t done these things yet.

1. There must be mature and normal sperm and eggs;

2. There are smooth reproductive roads;

3. There is a suitable childbirth environment, a normal uterine cavity and normal endometrium, and changes in endometrium.

4. There must be a suitable ejaculation timing.

1. Learn gender reproductive knowledge, learn to detect ovulation, and budget ovulation.Because the life of the egg is short, and the life of the sperm is relatively long, but it can maintain the best insemination ability for only 20 hours.Therefore, if you want to get pregnant, you need to do the same room when the sperm eggs are at the best maturity during ovulation.

2. Sexual life during pregnancy should be moderate, too frequent or too little is not good.In order to give birth to a baby, some people usually do n’t have the same room. Only when the ovulation period starts frequently. In fact, this is wrong, because too frequent rooms will reduce the number of sperm in the discharged semen and immature development.

However, long -term different houses will also cause sperm to be too mature and lose the ability to bind, because once the sperm is stored for too long, its vitality will decrease, even death or absorption.This will affect the binding of sperm eggs, which leads to infertility.

3. Keep a relaxed and happy mood.Because of the pressure of relatives and parents around you and the mood you want your child, you are often anxious and nervous.Sometimes you do n’t even realize that you are in this state. Excessive mental tension and anxiety will cause a series of sperm to reduce and ovulation disorders to affect changes in pregnancy.This problem is particularly prominent in couples over 30.

There are many reasons for women to have ovulation and unable to get pregnant. If there are normal ovulation and have been inaccurate, they should not be tangled for a certain cause. They should go to a regular hospital for examination and treatment in time.In fact, the mentality is very important, and it is easier to come to it by nature. In contrast, it is not advisable to be nervous or worried.

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