Can’t use medicine after pregnancy, will it affect the fetus true?Gynecologist tells you

Women’s pregnancy is the most important special stage in her life, and it is also the stage where many women will completely say goodbye to the stage of entering the mother’s age; the body’s resistance and immune ability will become weak after pregnancy, and there will be cold, fever and cough during pregnancy.Condition.It shows that many women in life in life think that they can carry them. Because I heard that after taking medicine during pregnancy, they will have an impact on the fetus. Therefore, most of the pregnant women are carried hard, and they are unable to seek medical treatment after they know that the disease is seriously developed.How to take medicine safely during pregnancy?Today, Dr. Li came to talk about this problem.

This is a very sensitive topic of pregnant women. I encountered such patients. After pregnant women came to the hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology department, the doctor suggested that she take medicine for treatment.However, pregnant women insist that the medicine can not be used because she is afraid that the medicine will affect the fetus, so she said to ask the old people to find some earthwork to treat it.What a medical blind story, we won’t tangle what happened later. We came to popularize how to use medicine to use medicine to ensure the safety of the fetus.

1. 1 to 2 weeks of pregnancy

For about 1 to 2 weeks of conception, the effects of drugs on embryos are divided into polarization. Generally, there is no impact, but there is no absolute safety in everything. Some pregnant women may cause abortion after taking it.Causes fetal malformations.Drugs taken without knowing whether they are pregnant did not have much effect on the fetus.

2. 3 ~ 8 weeks of pregnancy

3 to 8 weeks of conception is the most sensitive period for fetal teasing. At this time, the stage is a critical period for the formation of various organs of embryos. It is easily affected by external drugs and can easily cause fetal malformations. ThereforeNeither supplementary medicine or all health products can be used randomly.If you need to take medicine because of the disease, take the medicine under the guidance of a professional doctor.If you have a long history of taking medicine, you should do a B -ultrasound for the development and growth of the fetus from 16 to 20 weeks of pregnancy, and at the same time exclude the fetal malformations.

3. In the middle of pregnancy

From 20 weeks to 40 weeks, the fetal organs during this period have basically been divided and continued to grow. The possibility of drugs used at this time decreased to the malformation of the fetus;The side effects of growth and development, so it is recommended to take medicine with caution.

4, childbirth period

Careful medication is needed 1 to 2 weeks before childbirth, because before the fetus is preparing to be called a newborn, the metabolic system has not been fully improved, and the drug cannot be effectively treated and eliminated.Drugs may accumulate in the fetus, and some drugs can inhibit fetal hematopoietic function, leading to hemolytic anemia or jaundice in the fetus.In addition, some drugs may also cause congenital hypoglys for newborn.

With the improvement of people’s consciousness, many people recognize the knowledge that cannot be used casually during pregnancy, especially some prescription drugs, because such drugs require doctors’ prescriptions to ensure safe medication during pregnancy.Therefore, it is best to take medicine during pregnancy under the guidance of a doctor.If you buy drugs by yourself, it is best to read the instructions carefully. If the instructions are marked with the disabled or cautious drugs of pregnant women, mothers, or cautiously used.It is necessary to consider whether the drug can be considered to have a bad effect on the fetus through the placenta.

This is a problem that many expectant mothers are very careful during pregnancy. Especially for doctors, doctors who say that they need to take medicine can also cause these expectant mothers to panic.In addition to being very careful about diet during pregnancy, expectant mothers are a very taboo problem for drug applications.However, it is impossible to avoid being sick for various reasons.Therefore, many expectant mothers take the attitude of hard -to -hand insisting on the baby’s healthy growth and development once they are sick.Can you carry it hard?

Sometimes when you are sick, you are not able to resist the disease. On the contrary, hard carriers will worsen the disease and develop.Pregnancy is a special period. Due to the great changes in the body of pregnancy, the medication will be significantly different from the non -pregnancy period.After being taken, the drug needs to be absorbed into the human body.distributed.Only in several stages such as metabolism and excretion can fully achieve the effect of treatment.

Because pregnant women are a special body, the level of body hormones during pregnancy is high, which will affect the peristaltic ability of the digestive tract and allow the drug to stay in the digestive tract for a long time. Therefore, absorption can be fully sufficient.

Entering the pharmaceutical distribution stage, due to the dilution of blood after pregnancy, the increase in drug activity in the blood in the blood will increase, and the effect of drugs of the same dose on pregnant women will be more obvious.

Entering the stage of metabolism and excretion, the progesterone during pregnancy is very high, which will affect the vitality of the liver enzyme system, lead to a decrease in liver detoxification ability, and prone to accumulation of drug accumulation.

Although the particularity of pregnancy, it does not mean that the medicine cannot be used when you are sick during pregnancy. Due to the special period of pregnancy, the placenta has the effect of isolation and shielding drug toxicity. It can play a role in protecting drugs to avoid close contact with the fetus.

Commonly used clinically:

1. Vitamin B and C drugs. According to research, it was found that these drugs were applied 3 months before pregnancy, and no affected data was found. That is to say, the chances of affecting the fetus after taking this type of drug were very likely, not even.

2. Antibiotics: Antibiotic drugs. Many pregnant women will show a terrifying expression after hearing the application, indicating that it is impossible to accept such drugs.However, according to the experimental report data, experiments among pregnant women at 3 months before pregnancy show that the drug has no harmful evidence in the next 6 months. Popular understanding is that there is no danger to affect the fetus.These antibiotics include: penicillin and cephalosporin drugs, but although there are no risk factors that affect the development of fetal development, it is recommended to use it with caution.

Warm reminder:

Pregnancy is a special period during pregnancy. It is prone to common problems such as colds, rash or pregnancy during pregnancy. If you encounter fever, you can first use a method of physical cooling.When guiding, or when buying drugs by yourself, you must pay attention to reading the instruction manual of the drug, and use the medicine according to the instructions to avoid bad toxic and side effects.

I am Dr. Li Li in the Department of Women. If you encounter a problem during pregnancy, you can consult me, you can forward it to your friends and relatives around you to help more people understand health knowledge. If you think the article is helpful to you, you can give you support and support and support and and.Encourage, your likes are the motivation to insist on writing. If you have any questions, please leave a message in the message area!

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