Can’t the key point during pregnancy lack of iron?Come to the pregnant mother’s iron supplementation guide

"Doctor, I always feel exhausted recently. Do you often have a cold? Is the pregnancy reduced by pregnancy?" In clinical practice, such expectant mothers are common.In fact, in addition to the impact of physical hormones during pregnancy, there is also one that may be closely related to the lack of body nutrition and lack of iron.Today we will talk about iron supplementation during pregnancy.

How to judge anemia during pregnancy?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends: The concentration of hemoglobin (HGB) during pregnancy is <110g/L, which can be diagnosed as anemia.

What are the hazards of anemia during pregnancy?

Severe anemia can cause a transformation in the circular system, and the most serious impact on the mother’s body is heart failure.

For the fetus, the direct consequence of anemia is the reduction of the oxygen carrying capacity of pregnant women, which leads to hypoxia in the fetus, which in turn causes the fetus in the palace, premature birth, and low weight.

Why do you want to supplement iron?

Iron is one of the most trace elements that the human body needs. The total iron containing iron in the human body reaches 4-5 grams, of which 60%-70%exist in hemoglobin. After pregnancy, the pregnant mother must meet the dual nutritional needs of themselves and the baby.The blood system will change, such as increased blood capacity, increased blood cells, etc., the baby’s own blood system development and metabolic needs.In addition, pregnant mothers also need to reserve the iron needed for 1-4 months after birth.Therefore, the demand for iron increases. If the iron is not supplemented in time, anemia is prone to occur.

How to supplement iron?

In addition to iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy, there are other anemia caused by other reasons, such as: thalassemia and folic acid deficiency anemia.Direct iron replenishment caused by some diseases will cause harm. Therefore, anemia during pregnancy needs to be treated symptomatically under the guidance of a doctor. Pregnant mothers should not blindly replenish iron and stop iron supplementation at will.

Precautions for iron supplementation

1. At the same time as taking iron, you can take vitamin C, eat orange, apples and other fruits rich in vitamin C, which is conducive to the absorption of iron supplements.

2. It is better to absorb the iron in the meal or before meals.If the gastrointestinal reaction of pregnant mothers is heavier, the iron can be taken after meals to avoid taking vegetables rich in oxalic acid such as spinach, bamboo shoots, amaranth, etc. These foods inhibit the absorption of iron agents.

3. It is best not to supplement the iron within 1 hour before and after taking calcium.

4. Tea contains a large amount of tannic acid, which will inhibit the absorption of iron. At the same time, milk contains more phosphate, which is not conducive to the absorption of iron supplements. You should avoid drinking tea or milk at the same time.

5. When taking liquid iron, you can use a straw to prevent your tongue and teeth from turning black. Pay attention to the cleaning of the mouth and drink plenty of water.It is normal for the stool to be black after the iron supplement, and pregnant mothers need to worry.

6. Taking iron supplement drugs should be regularly checked on hemoglobin (blood routine), and after being found that hemoglobin rises to normal, the medicine cannot be stopped immediately.Doctor) to restore iron reserves.

Zhang Yaqing, a professor at the School of Nursing of Shanghai Jiaotong University, conducts scientific control.

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