Can’t sleep when you are pregnant?Most of these three reasons, teach you how to deal with it

Breeding life is a joy and happiness, but pregnancy will also bring some trouble to pregnant mothers. For example, insomnia is a common trouble during pregnancy. So what are the causes of insomnia during pregnancy?Can you take medicine to treat it?

What are the reasons for pregnancy and insomnia?

Reason one: Hormone in the body changes

After women are pregnant, the hormone level in the body will change huge changes. The violent fluctuations of this hormone level will affect the emotions of pregnant mothers. Many pregnant mothers will be anxious because they are not adapted to their identity. These emotional factors will lead to insomnia.happened.

Reason two: frequent urination

In order to give birth to life after pregnancy, the uterus during pregnancy will gradually increase, and the increasing uterus will compress the bladder. Therefore, the number of urination will increase. The increase in urination times will affect sleep and reduce sleep quality, which will cause sleep that is not sleeping well.Insomnia.

Reason three: changes in diet

The diet during pregnancy will change. In order to increase nutrition, many people will add high -calorie, high -fat foods to pregnant mothers, and the movement of pregnant mothers is relatively small, which causes gastrointestinal motility to slow down, resulting in food.Internal accumulation causes bloating, so that physical discomfort will also affect sleep.

What should I do if there is insomnia or sleep?

At this time, don’t lie on the bed, lying over and over, not only will not promote sleep, but also will become more and more energetic. At this time, you should get up to do something else, such as seeing the parenting book, going to the ground, listening to listening, listening to listeningLight music, but do not do things such as severe sports or exciting music, TV series, etc., which will make the nerves more excited and do not want to sleep.

One more thing to pay attention to is not to put electric products in the bedroom, because of the change of lifestyle, more and more electronic products will be more and more spiritual after watching the electronic products, making people sleepy, and the light should be avoided in the bedroom.Pinded, maintain a suitable temperature and humidity, and create a good sleeping environment.

Can I take sleeping pills if I can’t sleep?

Usually, it is not recommended to take sleeping pills. Sleeping pills are stable drugs. When pregnant mothers take the placenta, they will pass the drug to the fetus through the placenta, which will affect the health of the it is really a very serious insomnia, pregnant mothers who cannot improve the lifestyle of life must go to the hospital for help from the hospital.Essence

After pregnancy, we must not only pay attention to the changes in the body, but also pay special attention to the changes in emotions. Good emotions can be healthy, and we must balance diet, exercise moderately, and maintain an optimistic attitude daily.

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