Can’t sleep well during pregnancy?Most of the four reasons, the solution is also here

In addition to enduring uncomfortable reactions such as pregnancy, constipation, hemorrhoids, etc. during pregnancy, many pregnant mothers are distressed by sleep. Therefore, what are the causes of sleeping during pregnancy?Most of them are for these four reasons, and the solution is here!

Reason one: Emotional anxiety

The cause of emotional anxiety during pregnancy is from the psychological cause of the mother’s worried about fetal development. On the one hand, it is the physiological cause of hormone secretion in the body during pregnancy. This is easy to affect the sleep quality of pregnant mothers.

How to deal with it:

In order to alleviate sleep problems, it is hoped that pregnant mothers can relax. As long as there are no problems during the birth of pregnancy, there is no abnormal development of the fetus, so you don’t have to worry too much.And during pregnancy, if the pregnant mother is too nervous, it will not be conducive to the healthy development of the fetus.

Reason two: frequent urination

As the fetal month is getting larger and larger, the stronger the pressure on the bladder, the decreased urine in the bladder, the more serious the problem of the frequent urination of pregnant women. It is easy to get up at night, and it will naturally affect sleep.

How to deal with it:

In order to reduce the number of nights at night, it is best for pregnant women to drink a glass of water one hour before going to bed at night. When you are about to sleep, try not to drink too much water. Of course, if you feel thirsty, you must drink water.Drinking less water before going to bed at night can reduce the number of nights at night.

Reason three: Pregnant women’s sleeping position is wrong

After 6 months of pregnancy, the stomach will become bigger and bigger, the belly becomes larger, the burden on the body of the pregnant mother will increase, and naturally it will not sleep well.Wake up often, even insomnia at night.


For pregnant women, the left side is the best, but it is also necessary to avoid maintaining the same sleeping position for a long time. As the month increases, pregnant mothers can also use some pregnant women to reduce the pressure of the belly.

Reason four: leg cramps

By the 6th month of pregnancy, when many pregnant women sleep at night, they will have the problem of leg cramps and leg cramps. One case may be due to cold, and the other may be caused by calcium deficiency in the body during pregnancy.

How to deal with it:

Regardless of the problem, the problem of leg cramps at night will affect the sleep of pregnant mothers. Therefore, in order to alleviate this problem, you must pay attention to calcium supplementation during pregnancy, not only to avoid leg cramps, but also for the development of the fetus in the abdomen!

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