Can’t sleep after pregnancy?Don’t worry about six common reasons, it’s not difficult to sleep during pregnancy

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Girlfriend Xiao Duo, who was not pregnant for long, called me a few days ago that I had a very poor sleep recently, and I always slept in the middle of the night.happened before.

After pregnancy, I do n’t sleep well. It is a common problem for many pregnant mothers. It is a sleeping god before pregnancy and sleeping residue after pregnancy. This is not a disease. After all, there is a baby in the stomach.

During the development of the baby, the pregnant mother’s body does not stop working. By secreting a rapid way to cooperate with the baby’s development. At this time, the pregnant mother’s sleep is similar to the baby.Easy to wake up.This is just the reason why the general concept is not sleeping well. I do n’t sleep well during pregnancy. There are many common performances. These physical performance is the key reason for pregnant mothers to wake up from light sleep.

01 Five causes of poor sleep after pregnancy

First: heartburn

After pregnancy, as the fetus grows day by day, it will compress the diaphragm’s diaphragm’s diaphragm, so that the gastric acid of the pregnant mother will flow into the esophagus. If the pregnant mother is lying flat, it will basically cause gastric acid reflux, the left side will beLying can avoid this.

Second: starting at night

When I was pregnant, the more obvious changes were frequent urination. This situation was because the baby in the stomach was in the uterus and affected the bladder, so frequent urination occurred.When the baby is larger, the uterus enter the abdomen and leave the bladder, and it will be reduced. However, in the third trimester, the uterus becomes larger, and the backlog of bladder will occur. The frequent urination will still occur again.

In addition, when progesterone is relatively high, it is easy to urinate frequently.The frequent urination during the day is okay, and it will affect sleep at night.

Third: baby activity

Whether the baby is born or not, it is a key factor that affects the sleeping mother’s sleep. Whether it is a fetus or a baby, their sleep rules are not the same as adults. They are often black and white. At night, the fetus is not in deep sleep.Instead of sleeping lightly, it is easy to wake up. After waking up, it will be very active. If you are active, you will be uncomfortable and easy to wake up.

Fourth: physical discomfort

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body will be affected by hormones and nutrients a lot. There are many unbearable signs, such as leg cramps, because the body needs a lot of calcium during pregnancy, and the leg cramps are easy to supplement in time.There are also itchy skin or breast swelling, etc., which are unwell changes to face.

Fifth: anxiety

Anxiety is inevitable after pregnancy. This is why some people feel that the temper becomes poor after pregnancy. Anxiety will produce high -level stress, and it will affect sleep at night.

Sixth: Dream

That’s right, dreaming will affect sleep, the number of dreams after pregnancy will become more, and the scene is relatively real.This is related to the daily thinking of pregnant mothers, and the quality of sleep during pregnancy is relatively poor.

02 How to sleep well during pregnancy?

1. Don’t think too much during the day, do some exercise appropriately

Earlier, anxiety is mentioned, and you have something to do with your dreamer of the night, so in the daytime, don’t think about too much pregnancy -related things. You can do things that can relax your body and mind. Don’t get angry often.

Secondly, some exercise can be done properly during the day, which can slow down the psychology of anxiety and make it more stable at night.Don’t do severe exercise, and don’t do exercise before going to bed, which is not good for sleep.

2. Go to bed early and get up early, you can take a nap

Many pregnant mothers dare not sleep during the day or sleep for a long time during the day, and they sleep well at night, and they live in bed in the morning. This is wrong.

If you want to have a good sleep, you can take a nap during the day, but you can’t sleep for too long. It is the best for about half an hour.

Secondly, it is very important to get up early and get up early, because it is very in line with the hormone cycle of the human body. At about 6 o’clock in the morning, the cortisol is relatively high. At 10 o’clock in the evening, it slowly reduces melatonin.

3. Eat more foods that help sleep

Food plays a very important task during pregnancy. Diet not only affects the health of the baby, but also affects the sleep of pregnant mothers.

Some high -carbohydrates, especially junk foods, will not only cause pregnant mothers to obese during pregnancy, but also make pregnant mothers excited.

How can I eat it well?Eat breakfast well, eat lunch, eat less dinner, these three golden laws are also applicable to pregnant mothers.

Especially for dinner, try to eat some light foods. If you inevitably eat carbohydrates, you can eat some protein, otherwise carbohydrates will increase the blood sugar of pregnant mothers and be difficult to fall asleep at night.

But do n’t eat too little, otherwise you will be sober when you are hungry when you sleep. You can choose some foods with relatively low calories, such as soy products, dairy products, etc.

4. The posture of sleep is very important

Some pregnant mothers do n’t sleep well. They are afraid that their posture will affect the baby’s development. It ’s the most comfortable and the safest posture on the left side.Stomach acid reflux can also avoid damage to the liver.If you feel heartburn at night, you can raise your head and back when you sleep.Try not to choose too soft pillows, you can choose a large U -shaped pillow for pregnancy.

Can you sleep well during pregnancy?Welcome to share your little story during pregnancy ~

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