Can’t keep cats during pregnancy?Cats are not familiar with?The cat’s rumor post is here

The cat is a magical existence

They did not dispose of any force

You can make humans stand down

Willing to be a shoveling officer

Just because of one word: Meng

However, even if many shovel officers have already understood the cats

But rumors about them are always circulating

Many of the friends around Bo Shuai have all shot these rumors

Have you believed it?

Can’t keep cats during pregnancy?

"Cats will get bowworms, which will make pregnant women have a miscarriage and abnormal children."

This rumor has been circulating for a long time, no matter how rumors are used, it is useless

But in fact, the probability of infection of Toxoplasma is very, very low

If the cat does not contact the outside world often

Do not eat rotten food or raw meat such as dead mice

Basically, you will not be stained with a bowworm

Even if the cat is infected with a bowworm

Only after the first infection

Worm eggs discharged in the first two weeks

After 1-5 days of hatching

It happened to be eaten into the body

Only to infection of Toxoplasma

This probability is also low to dust …

If you really don’t worry, you can prevent it from the following aspects:

1. People and cats go to the medical examination to see if there are toxoplasma if there is any bowworm, first treat it before preparing for pregnancy

2. Pregnant women pay attention to daily cleaning and absorb time in time

3. Do not touch the stool and cat sand for pregnant women

4. Don’t feed cat raw meat raw water

5. Do not eat unkained meat

6. Appropriate reduction of contact with cats

Can’t the cat fall from a high place?

"The cat has nine lives" "I can’t die from jumping from high altitude"

"The higher the less it is not easy to hurt"

I have often heard of this since I was young

It seems that the cat is an extraordinary little fairy

Cat is compared to other small animals

It is indeed different in this aspect of jumping in high altitude

Will turn the reflection, when it falls

Can quickly reverse the body’s limbs down and avoid damage to viscera

But the fact is that the cat has only one life

Many times you will lose your feet

And now most of the cats are no longer familiar with the wild

The strain ability is worse, and it is easier to be injured

We have emphasized that there are countless cats that must be sealed by the balcony

Don’t think your cat can "fly"

If you love it, you must protect its safety

Female cat estrus, can you use a cotton swab?

Also called "Dafa Dafa"

It is the behavior of "stab" female cat in the female cat estrus during her estrus

First of all, cats cannot get pleasure from mating behavior

This is a fact that has been scientifically proven and conclusive

They will only be after estrus

Perform mating under the torture of hormones

The most important thing is that the position of the cat’s uterus is relatively low

After the body fluid is secreted, it will be permeable and stays in the uterus

There are a lot of bacteria in the body fluid, which may cause infection

Long -term may cause pus in the uterus

"Dafa Dafa" belongs to the opposite

Intentional stimulation of cat secretion body fluid

The result is to harm cats

I really don’t know how many cats have hurt this kind of rumor

What’s more cruel is that many people who hurt cats are deceived,

I thought it could be "good for cats"

Hope you all spread out

Don’t let everyone feel good but hurt the cat!

Black cat is not auspicious?

"Black cat is not auspicious", "Black cat can cause fraud", "seeing black cats will be unlucky"

I always hear this statement, some elderly people will say:

"This is what the ancient people passed down, in ancient black cats are evil things!"

Not only the cat is wronged, the ancients did not want to carry this pot

In ancient times, black cats have always been auspicious things

"Xuan Cat, wicked evil things. It is easy to place in the south, and it is suitable for descendants."

In other words, black cats are used to ward off evil spirits

It is best to keep in the direction of the door

Its children and grandchildren will shelter your family

Ancient wealthy people have all the wealthy people

The habit of raising black cats or placing black cat jewelry

For example, make a cat with gold

Tu into black as a decoration

Or hang a wind chime with a black cat at the door and so on

Cats are traitors, dogs are loyal ministers?

Compared to the sticky people and closeness of the dog

The cat looks a little alienated

Not so dependent on humans

So such rumors were circulated

But in fact, this is related to the nature of the cat

And the personality of each cat is different

Or gentle and sticky people, or lively and smart,

Or a cat of different personalities, a cat with different personalities,

The mode of getting along with people will be different

The way dog expresses love is very direct:

To love you, you have to be with you all the time

But cats are different

They may not be entangled with you every day

But you will definitely use other ways

Express your feelings and trust in you

Cats are not familiar, don’t remember the owner?

Cat’s brain structure is very similar to humans

But the method of memory may be different

Each neuron in the cat brain stores part of the memory

When these neurons are correctly connected

Their memory is also awakened

In other words, if the cat is stimulated by sensory sense

Such as smell, hearing, vision, etc.

Memory will wake up

Many studies have shown that cats and children 2-3-year-olds are equal

And the cat’s short -term memory is more than 200 times stronger than the dog

Therefore, the cat’s IQ is high enough to maintain the memory of the owner

When a cat usually stabs you or things,

Just release a unique smell

Establish a connection between you

If you separate for a long time

The taste on you is strange

Cats can’t feel this breath, so they will be vigilant

So, don’t say "cats are not familiar"!

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