Can’t eat radish during Chinese medicine?Doctor: This is a big misunderstanding!

"Don’t take radish when taking Chinese medicine!" Many people may have been told by the older generation.Is there a scientific basis for this?The reporter interviewed Dr. Chen Shenda, Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine infection (pulmonary disease) in Ningbo Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.


There are many effects of radish, and the difference between eating raw and eating is large

Can you eat radish?Dr. Chen Shenda believes that to answer this question, we must first understand the efficacy of radish.

Radish is the fresh root of the cruciferous plant Laizhong, and is one of the most commonly known vegetables.Radish raw effects are different from the sexual flavor effects of cooked. In the works, Chinese medicine scholars also discussed the effectiveness of radish in the work.For example, "Materia Medica Sutra" says that the radish "has the taste of life, cold sex;Make up juice, the Lord is thirsty. "

In general, radish has the effects of eliminating stagnation and reflection, wide qi, detoxifying, and cure food and fullness.The effect of rejuvenating thirst, stopping hemostasis, and stopping diarrhea is therefore helpful for people who usually have insufficient stomach power and are prone to food accumulation, dry mouth, and constipation. Raw radish will help it.The taste of cooked use is gentle, especially when the method of stewing is soft and rotten, it is mainly based on Gan Pingqing. Therefore, some people say that eating radishes in autumn and winter can moisturize the lungs and nourish qi.There is also the title of "villain".

Modern medicine believes that radish is rich in nutrition, containing a large amount of dietary fiber can promote intestinal motility and accelerate the excretion of toxins in the body; it can supplement the trace elements of iron, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium to enhance physical fitness.Softening blood vessels, preventing coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis, and anti -cancer and anti -cancer effects.


Can you eat radish when taking Chinese medicine?

Dr. Chen Shenda replied, can you actually eat radish?Is it raw or cooked?It is mainly related to individual constitution, and it is not much related to whether to take Chinese medicine.

If it belongs to the weak spleen and stomach, and the stool is thin, it is not suitable for eating raw radish, because raw radish is cool and sannit.This type of qi medicine may also weaken its power.After the radish is cooked, the coldness of the coolness has gone. It tastes sweet and warm, and can be eaten appropriately.For those who have a strong physique and easy to eat constipation, they can also eat radishes in themselves, and they can be used to use them. They have little to do with Chinese medicine.

Therefore, "eating Chinese medicine can not eat radish" is a big misunderstanding, and radish does not cause the so -called "reduction of medicinal properties."


Can eating people eat radishes at all times

This is also a topic that people generally care about. As mentioned earlier, if ginseng is really needed in the prescription, it means that the body is deficient and it is not suitable to eat raw radish, because it will weaken the power of ginseng to replenish qi. Research also shows that raw radish is right.Ginseng anti -fatigue, oxygen resistance, and enhancement of learning memory have a certain weakening effect, so it is not recommended to take it.The effect of radish has little effect on ginseng to replenish qi. On the contrary, it can also reason the spleen and bloating, which can prevent the spleen and stomach stagnation of ginseng nourishment and abdominal distension.

Therefore, eating ginseng can also eat cooked radish, but it is best not to eat raw radish.

China reporter Chen Min correspondent Wu Jiali Chen Junyan

Source: Ningbo, China

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