Can’t eat crabs during pregnancy?These 4 types of food are really dangerous, don’t eat it during pregnancy

"Autumn wind rises, crab feet itching; chrysanthemums are blooming, and crabs come."

Autumn is a good season for eating crabs, but for many pregnant mothers, the elderly in the family have persuaded "don’t eat crabs", heard that it is cold, and it is easy to abortion when eating.

So, can you eat crabs in pregnancy?

What is it easy to have a miscarriage when pregnant women eat?

In fact, clinically, I have not heard of the direct cause of daily ordinary diet that leads to natural abortion.

Imagine if food can abortion naturally, what do you need to do with abortion surgery and abortion drugs?

Experts explain that most natural abortion occurs in the early pregnancy, that is, within the 12th gestational weeks, and most of them are caused by abnormal embryo chromosomes.

In addition, pregnant women are highly nervous and anxious, endocrine disorders or abnormal reproductive tract, reproductive tract infections, and poor sperm quality of men may also cause abortion.

Although food does not directly cause abortion, each human constitution is different, and the impact of food on people is still great.

1) To protect pregnant women

Pregnant mothers will be worse than usual, and there is no resistance to external invasion such as viruses, germs, and more likely to get sick.And the drug that can be taken after pregnant women is limited, which will make pregnant mothers more uncomfortable.

Proper taboo can avoid damage caused by unhealthy food.

2) To protect the fetus

Although some foods do not directly lead to abortion, it will affect the normal development of the baby.

Appropriate taboos can reduce the possibility of various problems such as birth defects, too low weight, abortion, premature birth, premature birth, dead fetus, feeding problems after birth, behavior problems, learning difficulties, and so on.

In short, pregnant mothers should avoid all foods that may bring harm to themselves and their babies.

1. Animals that promote blood circulation and eliminate blood stasis

In theory, healthy pregnant mothers can eat crabs.

But from Chinese medicine, food has different sexual flavors.Crab is a cold and dampness. For pregnant mothers with poor cold spleen and stomach function or dampness, and pregnant mothers who are prone to allergies, they must be avoided.

2. Refreshing drink

Strong tea, coffee, and liquor are common foods that are not friendly to pregnant women.

(1) Strong tea

Strong tea contains high fluoride.If women drink strong tea during pregnancy, it is easy to cause iron deficiency anemia and interfere with the nutritional supply of the fetus.

At the same time, the caffeine contained in tea will increase the heartbeat of pregnant women, increase the burden on the heart and kidney, and affect the health of women and fetuses.

(2) Coffee

Coffee is rich in caffeine, and caffeine can seriously stimulate the central nervous system.According to research, every 300 grams of coffee contains 50 to 80 mg of caffeine.

If people consume more than one gram of caffeine at a time, the central nervous system may be severely damaged and may cause symptoms such as insomnia and tinnitus.

The fetus is very sensitive to caffeine, and caffeine can enter the placenta and affect the health of the fetus.

(3) Baijiu

Studies have shown that drinking is an important cause of fetal malformation and intellectual delay.Because alcohol is easy to enter the fetus through the placenta, which severely hurts the fetus’s heart and brain.

If you want to have smart and healthy babies, drinking alcohol during pregnancy, no drinks containing alcohol.

3. There may be foods contaminated by parasites and lead and mercury

Ordinary people may have diarrhea if they eat foods that are not clean or contaminated with parasites, and it will be fine for a few days.But for pregnant mothers, these bacterial parasites may cause their children to danger, and even cause birth defects or abortion.

(1) Foods that may contain parasites

The most common meat of all kinds of half -life is the half -life steak, hot spring eggs, shellfish and raw fish slices.

Pay special attention to eating hot pot and meat, you must also ensure that the meat is cooked.

There are also crayfish and chicken that everyone loves to eat. There are also risk of parasites. It is best not to eat during pregnancy.

(2) Foods that may contaminate lead and mercury

The preserved eggs and fritters on the market all contain heavy metals such as traceable lead and aluminum. It is not recommended to eat pregnant mothers.

There are also fish, such as arrow fish, catfish, Marlin fish, tuna (big -eyed or large fish) and tile fish. Almost all fish and shellfish contain a small amount of mercury. It is recommended to eat less pregnant mothers.

(3) There may be bacterial foods

The freshly squeezed vegetable juice, salad, salad, all kinds of vegetables that are not disinfected by girls, it is best to cook after sterilization.

If you eat during pregnancy and have no obvious reflection, don’t worry too much, just don’t eat it in the future.If you feel uncomfortable, please seek medical treatment in time.

4. Drug supplement category

Not to mention that the medicine is three -point poison, don’t take it yourself.

Including to supplement some "vitamins" and "Chinese medicine", please remember to consult a doctor, because some daily components that are beneficial to the human body may be harmful to the development of the fetus.

For "food", it is difficult to quit the food that usually loves to eat.

I believe that when the baby is healthy and healthy, you will find that all the cautious cautious before is worth it!

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