Can you still drink green tea, black tea, Pu’er tea for several years?3 sentences to explain to you

A few days ago, I saw such a topic, saying that it was a tea guest Xiaobai. When I was cleaned, I pulled out the tea that had been stored for a long time at home. There were many types.It’s a bit wasteful to throw away.

But it ’s a bit of a bit of drinking, afraid of affecting health.For this reason, I called for a tea guest friend.

"Of course you can drink! The longer the tea is put, the more fragrant it is." I heard such a firm answer, so I drank it with confidence.

However, I did not expect that I had a stomach that night, but I was stuffy. Can I really drink tea for a long time?In fact, the storage time of different tea is also different.

Before that, we must figure out a problem: the shelf life of tea is not a real shelf life.

Many tea tanks are marked with a shelf life, ranging from one year or two, but this is not the deterioration period of tea, but the best period of drinking. As long as the preservation of this time periodOkay, the taste is more beautiful.

After understanding, I will tell you 3 words, so that you can understand whether you can drink black tea, green tea and Pu’er tea at home.

Sentence 1: Green tea is delicious in "fresh"

Drinking green tea, the main thing is the word "fresh".Because green tea is not fermented tea, in the case of improper preservation, aroma and quality will be volatile and greatly reduced.Generally speaking, the shelf life is about 1 year at normal temperature.If there is a refrigerator specializing in green tea, under this condition, it can be extended to 18 months.

Sentence 2: Black tea is good in "early"

Green tea "drinks as fresh", and the black tea lies in "early drinking."Black tea in the storage time is when the taste is the best, and the taste is mellow and rich. Over time, the taste and aroma will weaken.

But when it comes to the shelf life of black tea, it is 1 to 3 years because it belongs to full fermented tea.

Sentence 3: Black Tea is delicious in "Stocking"

Black tea, that is, Pu’er tea, is in response to the saying that is more and more fragrant. Generally speaking, the shelf life of black tea can be in 10-25 years.

For those who love tea, in addition to knowing the above preservation time, learning to choose tea is also a science.At the entrance, it is definitely necessary to drink high -quality tea with good taste and nutrition.The two types of tea are good and cheap, do you see what you love to drink?

1. Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum has a good role in appreciation or drinking.The chrysanthemum is cold, drinking in summer, which can reduce noise and get fire.When it comes to chrysanthemum tea, it has to be mentioned that "Chrysanthemum" -Qingchi chrysanthemum, has been sought after by many old tea guests so far.Qingchi chrysanthemum is planted in Kaifeng Yuejia Lake. It has sufficient light and water. The suitable climate makes chrysanthemum grow better.In addition, during the planting process of Qingchi chrysanthemum, he has always adhered to the original traditional craftsmanship, and still picked, screened, and dry natural light to ensure the green and healthy dry flowers.

During the period of picking, Qingchi chrysanthemum is golden and brilliant, the flowers are fat and beautiful, and the aroma is naturally fresh.When brewing, add a few chrysanthemums in the cup and add boiling water for stuffy. When the essences such as chrysanthemumin and choline contains are precipitated, you can drink it.

Take a bite, and you can feel that the chrysanthemum fragrance is full of lips and teeth, and people can’t help but want to drink the second bite, and the aftertaste is endless.

2. Haidianfang is determined to be Mingzi

After brewing, Cassians smells the aroma of coffee and does not nose. Instead, it is very sleepy. Many people like to drink a little Cassia tea in their spare time.

The Haixianfang Cassia seeds are full and the fruit is bright. After brewing, the tea soup is clear without impurities.For office workers, if it is stressful, you can drink it in moderation. There is no catechine and will not pollute your teeth.

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