Can you see it from the reaction during pregnancy?People who come here tell the "big truth"

I think many women have the same feeling that when they are not pregnant, they will never pay attention and curious about any information about pregnancy, but after pregnancy, they will always pay attention. As long as there are people who are pregnant, two people will be two people.Will join the topic of pregnancy together.Even during the birth checkup, the strange pregnant women met, both of them could quickly join the topic, and they were talking about it, as if they were friends who had known each other for a long time.

Domestic and abroad. Doctors will tell their parents that the gender of the child, but when going to the hospital in China, the doctor will not tell your child’s gender.After gender, you will not have children.The whole pregnancy mothers do not know whether they are boys or girls, so many pregnant mothers will be curious about the sex of the baby in her belly.

In fact, the older generation has such a statement, and from the reaction during pregnancy, it can be seen that Huai Men’s treasure or female treasure.For example, a sour girl, a pointed male, and a woman. In this way, I think many pregnant mothers have heard it.So, is these statements really accurate?Let’s take a look at the experience of people.

1. You can see men and women from the taste of pregnancy

It is said that the sour girl, I like to eat sour things when I am pregnant, I don’t like spicy food. Many colleagues say that I am pregnant with a male baby in my stomach.And another thing, she did not like spicy food before, but after pregnancy, she became very like spicy food. If she speaks according to the sour girl, my colleague should have a daughter.But the result was that both of us gave birth to their daughters.Therefore, the argument of the sour girl is actually completely without scientific basis.

2. Body shape change

Some people say that the changes in body during pregnancy can also see men and women.They all said that her daughter showed her belly and saw that the pregnant woman’s belly was round and large. From the back, she could see that she was a pregnant woman.And the bad son’s bad, the stomach will not be very large, and you can’t see a pregnant woman from the back.

This statement is not accurate in me. When I was pregnant, there was no fat elsewhere except my belly, so many times from the back, I couldn’t see that I was a pregnant woman, so I said at the time that I said that my belly was inside my stomach.There are many people who are pregnant with male treasures, and the female baby is born.

3. Skin change

Some people say that when they are pregnant, their skin becomes better and people become beautiful, which means that their daughter is pregnant in the belly.If the skin becomes worse during pregnancy, there are some spots or acne, which indicates that it is a boy.This statement will meet then, because when I am pregnant with my daughter, the skin becomes very good and white. Every time someone sees me, I will ask, why you will be so white and the skin is so good, so there is itSeveral of what I was pregnant with a female treasure was judged from my skin condition.

4. The reaction of fetal movement is different

There are also people who listened to some people that the fetal movement of the baby girl and the male treasure is also different. My girlfriend said that she was very concerned about her fetal movement when she was pregnant. When she heard that she said that she was pregnant, the fetal movement followed.It seems that, the strength is still very large, you can see the obvious fetal movement.But her fetal movement is the same as waves, so she always thought she was pregnant with a girl, and she was happy because she liked girls.But what was born was a son.

Regarding the above statements, the people who came here explained the "big truth"

In fact, regarding the above statements, the people who came here had the right to speak, and many people came to tell the "big truth": there was no scientific basis for men and women from reaction to seeing men and women from pregnancy.Because some of the symptoms during pregnancy are because each person’s physique and response are different. These hard conditions are different from person to person. Like some thin girls, even if they are pregnant, they are just fat belly, figure, and figure.There is no change, so at this time, it seems very unreasonable to see the child’s gender from the body.

Therefore, many people’s claims of watching men and women often have no scientific basis, so just listen, there is no need to be too true.And whether it is a boy and a girl, it is a little angel given to the parents from heaven, so whether the boys and girls are good, the parents will love it as much as possible.

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