Can you raise a dog if you are pregnant?

Many women feel very entangled in whether they can continue to raise pets during pregnancy. The reason is that they are afraid of the pets with toxoplasma, and when they are accidentally exposed, they will cause miscarriage or fetal deformity. Gow -shaped worms are a type of original worm in cell parasitic. At present, the only confirmation is confirmedThe ultimate host is a cat family.The pathway of Toxoplasma is mainly to intake foods contaminated with the body fluid or feces of the cats and dogs. The infection of the toxoplasma is eventually intake through food.There is also blood infection.For humans, the following three ways are proven and more likely:

1. Eat raw meat or cooked meat, especially pork, mutton and venison, and consumption raw beef is also considered the most important channel for urban residents to infection.

2. After transportation or contact with raw meat or internal organs, put your hands without cleaning your hands;

3. In contact with cats or objects in contact with cat feces.

4. Live with dogs and cats with insects.

From the perspective of the transmission of Toxoplashes of Toxoplasma, human infection of Toxoplasma is mainly "diseases from the mouth".The dog itself has worms. Therefore, when preparing for pregnancy, the dog’s insect -proof and deworming work will be done during pregnancy. They do not directly contact their feces, and can live with the dog during pregnancy.

If you want to keep your pets and want to give birth to your baby safely and healthy, you must pay attention to the following points:

First, you need to do a related examination before pregnancy. If neither the little pet and pregnant mothers have no problems, you can continue to become pregnant; if the small pets and pregnant mothers have signs of infection, then you must be treated under the guidance of a doctor, and then pregnantEssence

Second, after pregnancy, keep a certain distance with the small pets and do not contact them intimately.

Third, keep the home environment hygienic, and the family must help the pets clean; pregnant mothers must also maintain good personal hygiene and wash their hands frequently.

Fourth, do not eat unknown and unfamiliar animal meat, they all may infected toxoplasma.

Just pay attention to the above 4 points, I think pregnant mothers can still spend the pregnancy safely and healthy, and do not have to bear the pain of losing their pets.

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