Can you have back pain for a long time?The doctor said that there are nothing more than these three reasons.

A little girl came to the clinic to see a doctor. She said that her job had to stand all day long, and she had back pain after standing for a long time. What was the disease?Do you do n’t stand on your surgery. Why n’t you look at your back pain?

In fact, most of the surgeons have back pain, especially the major surgery. The one for several hours, we came to power with a waist.Whoever stands for a long time can’t hurt!

Why do you have back pain after standing for a long time?To eliminate the pathological reasons, from the analysis of the cause of pure physiology, the waist is used as an intermediate bridge to withstand the weight and pressure of the upper body.When bending and bad posture, the weight of the waist is 1-2 times the original weight. At this time, it is easier to stimulate the waist muscles and fascia, and pain caused by sterile inflammation.Back pain, such as suddenly standing for a long time today, back pain, most of which are the reason. After the rest, most of them can be relieved by themselves.

If you stand for a long time, maintain a bad posture for a long time and it will easily develop into lumbar muscle strain.

Lumbar muscle strain is essentially a sterile inflammation of fascia and muscles, characterized by repeated attacks, soreness and pain, and obvious tenderness points.After the day, the pain was intensified after taking heavy objects, and the rest was slightly slower after the rest was flat.Long -term lumbar muscle strain, long -term inflammation effect, will cause certain damage to muscles, such as scar tissue, nodules, etc., causing long -term chronic back pain.

Such pain patients need to move around every 1 hour when they stand for a long time to relieve the muscle state.At the same time, you can increase the stability of the lumbar spine and the tolerance of the muscles by strengthening the waist and core muscles.

Including holding your legs for half a minute to alleviate the waist muscles, he poured half an hour a day, strengthening pelvic coordination and back muscle exercise, and Xiaoyanfei and other functional actions to strengthen the back muscles.Drugs can be treated with drugs, and some patients with unbearable pain will use closed needles for pain relief.

But in the whole sentence, passive is not as good as active exercise. The effect of drugs and physiotherapy is never as effective as autonomous muscle exercise.

Of course, some friends will say that modern people are really coquettish, and they have backaches when they are everywhere.I want to say that the previous labor intensity, at that time, people’s muscle strength and people who are currently working in the office are not on the benchmark line.This is not a order of order at all.

In addition to the low back pain caused by the above reasons, there are several common pain, which can be generally attributed to three major reasons for sprains, sprains, degenerative lesions, and force lines.

Some friends have acute lumbar sprains during exercise, or because of the impact of external forces, damage the waist muscles and soft tissue (those who hurt the lumbar spine structure goes directly to the hospital for film treatment, plaster or surgery, not in this category, not in this category, not in this category.).)

Acute lumbar sprains are acute torn lacerations caused by external force such as waist muscles, fascia, and ligaments due to external force, and often occur when the strong contraction of heavy objects and lumbar muscles is often occurred.

Patients will have limited action, and the pain is unbearable when the activity gets up.This kind of pain must be braking in the acute stage, lying in bed to reduce activities, creating a rest environment for muscles and soft tissues to avoid further tearing and wear during activity.You can use drug plaster to accelerate local blood circulation and anti -inflammatory pain.

After the pain is relieved, the waist muscles are exercise, swimming, and Xiaoyan flying to avoid chronic pain points for muscle strain.

Degenerate diseases are common changes that occur with age, including lumbar spine spines (both bone hyperplasia), lumbar discus degeneration (lumbar disc herniation), etc.; Due to age, long -term wear and pressure compression, moisture decreased, moisture decreases, water decreases, water decreases, moisture decreaseBone spurs, intervertebral discus degeneration, protruding; severe cases will compress, hit the nerve root, cause symptoms such as waist pain, and even numbness of the lower limbs.

Such pathological pain needs to be combined with imaging films and patient signs to make targeted treatment solutions.For patients who are not serious, they can be treated conservatively, such as bed, waist circumference, waist function exercise, and restore.If patients with severe compression of nerve roots need to be treated with minimally invasive spine surgery.

The human bones are wrapped around the muscles. These muscles are interactive and pull back and forth.If one side is too weak, it will cause bones to reverse the muscles.Friends who have been sitting for a long time (especially nest on the sofa) have not been exercised for a long time, while the erector spine and the illegal waist muscles of the back waist are tension for a long time, and the pelvis occurs forward clockwise.At this time, the abdomen will protrude, and the hips will be raised. This is pelvic leaning forward.

After the pelvis is leaning forward, the physiological curve and direction of the lumbar spine have changed, so that the lumbosacral region has to bear more weight. The lumbar and surrounding soft tissues have increased, the compression increases, leads to degeneration and wear, and the feeling of back pain will feel back pain.EssenceSpecific correction of pelvic leaning forward and relieving back pain can read my previous article.

The pelvic leaning leads to low back pain. Orthopedics doctors teach you 6 movement to self -correction, and office workers are super practical

During pregnancy, many mothers will have back pain, and they have not eased after giving birth.Many people feel that because of the painless delivery needle, the long anesthesia needle enters the lumbar spine, causing pain, soreness, and cold feeling of the waist.This is really wrong with painless delivery.

In fact, this kind of back pain is also related to the change of force lines.During pregnancy, the fetal weight is affected, the mother’s spine and lumbar spine are pulled forward for a long time, the waist load changes, the stimulation of the lumbar spine is accumulated, causing pain.Even after childbirth, inflammation will not disappear suddenly, coupled with factors such as nurturing posture, embrace of babies, and lack of sleep, low back pain often worsens.

Therefore, during pregnancy, we must control the scientific growth of weight (within 15 kg), and use the belly to relieve the traction of the belly.During the postpartum recovery phase, the back function exercise is performed to gradually relieve pain.

1. Change the bad sitting position, reduce the action of sitting for a long time, Erlang legs and other actions.

2. Correct the standing position, do not bend over the hump, or hips to avoid changes in the line.

3. Control weight and reduce the pressure of the lumbar spine, especially the abdomen obese friends, which are particularly pressure on the waist and knee joints.

4. Strengthen functional exercise, fall back, Xiaoyanfei, buttock bridge, do it every day.Active exercise is the most effective treatment.

In addition to trauma, changes in force, pain caused by degenerative diseases, and some of the waist reflective pain caused by internal organs. This is not the category of orthopedic, and it is not talked here.

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