Can you have a low sperm vitality?

Each test of adult men can generate sperm per second at about 300 to 600. Daily double -sided testicles produce hundreds of millions of small tadpoles. The semen is a place where sperm is stored.People can be full in about 2 to 3 days.

The sperm produced from the testis takes about 15 days to truly mature. At this time, the sperm activity is the best.

The number of mature sperm is in a dynamic balance. Every day, mature sperm is generated, and there are aging sperm swallowed by giant cells. Normal men’s sperm reserves can be used in the same room with about 6 times.So the frequency of preparing for the same room is controlled 2 to 3 times a week.

Is the sperm vitality low, can you no longer have to give birth?

Sperm must have abundant energy and exercise ability, which can withstand the "long journey" from male seminal gland to female cervix.It must have a clear sense of direction. Through the shortest straight trail, it is necessary to reach the women’s cervix to meet with eggs and combine it into fertilized eggs, instead of "horizontal collision" without aimlessly.

Low sperm vitality, also known as weak sperm, refers to the sperm of semen parameters less than 32%or the total vitality of sperm less than 40%.The strength of sperm movement or exercise ability is directly related to human reproduction. Only sperm that is normal in front of the movement can ensure that the sperm reaches the tubal pot abdomen and the eggs to form fertilized eggs.

Sperm vitality is too low, which can only indicate that high -quality sperm, which can swim far, is small, not completely without.As long as it is not that the sperm is so low that it is completely swimming, it may still be pregnant.However, this chance is relatively low, and it may also be unexpectedly miscarriage during pregnancy, so it is recommended to improve energy and vitality and then conceive.

Conversely, excessive sperm does not mean that men’s reproductive ability is stronger.In fact, the harm of excessive sperm cannot be ignored. Excessive sperm, too crowded, will not only affect the vitality of the sperm, but also make it difficult to pass through the cervix and the uterus to reach the fallopian tube.And those who have too many sperm may have some hormone dysfunction, so that although the number of sperm is large, the quality may not be high.

Factors affecting the decline in sperm quality

Men’s sperm development is a system.It takes 56 days from the sperm stem cells to the sperm.It involves the orderly expression of a series of genes and the interaction of expression products.

Sperm must go through sperm mother cells, sperm precursor cells, sperm cells, sperm and other processes.Any factors affecting this process will cause sperm quality to decline.

The process from primary sperm cells to sperm

The decrease in total sperm is related to many factors.For individuals, factors such as diseases and genetic defects have been excluded, and changes in sperm quality are affected by living habits (such as smoking, drinking), age, season, and abstinence time.In general, these factors can be divided into two types of living environment and lifestyle.

There are many factors that harm sperm health.The testicles of patients with chronic alcohol poisoning will shrink, and the sperm quality recovery after drunk will wait until 3 months.Sperm is extremely sensitive to the temperature of the scrotum. Frequent sauna or hot baths will significantly reduce the number of sperm.Sitting for a long time, too tight underwear, etc., will also reduce sperm production.

The impact of smoking on sperm vitality is very great, and the sperm deformity rate of smokers has increased significantly.Therefore, if men want to ensure sperm quality, they must maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sperm vitality microscope check:

Under a microscope, sperm is divided into three categories: forward movement sperm (PR); non -forward -directional sperm (NP); no sperm (IM).We often call sperm vitality = forward movement sperm (PR)+non -forward movement sperm (NP).

According to the World Health Organization’s fifth edition of semen analysis, front -oriented sperm (PR) ≥32%is the lower limit of reference value, that is, sperm vitality is lower than this standard as weak sperm disease. We most importantly, the count of PR+NR sperm is countingIt should usually be> 20 × 106.

However, men’s semen indicators are often volatility. Therefore, it is recommended that men who are abnormal for the first time require at least two semen testing to draw conclusions.In addition, the reference value of semen is only the guidance value of the state of fertility in men. Men who are lower than the critical value are not completely unable to have birth, or have the opportunity to get the woman to get pregnant!

How to improve the vitality of semen?

In addition, there is also a low vitality caused by a type of vastery pipelines. Such patients can use the method of dredging the vasters to achieve the purpose of effectively treating the low vitality of semen.For sperm varicose vein tension and endocrine abnormalities, including the low vitality caused by infection, the method of drugs, surgery, or IVF can be used to comprehensively treat the sperm vitality.

Remind that we should not be afraid of the number of sperm and low sperm vitality, we should face it optimistically, let alone ignore and be ashamed of opening teeth, but to actively prevent and treat scientific treatment.

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