Can you be a beautiful pregnant mother, can you be a manicure?

There are people who love beauty, and it is no exception for pregnant mothers. Many pregnant mothers now do beauty and cosmetic surgery even during pregnancy, let alone nail art?However, recently a pregnant woman was infected because she was infected with nail art. She was not only unable to breastfeed, but also faced amputation. It was terrible!

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on June 1, Brittini Gutt, 20, was in March of this year.Make popular acrylic nail beauty.

Bulitani recalled that his ten fingers were firmly sandwiched by that nail equipment, and the nail technician used electricity to repair the shape. In the process, he had tingling and combustion.Suddenly Bulitani felt the pain of the ring finger in his right hand. The original fingertips were pierced by a knife and bleed. The staff continued to operate with cotton with cotton and completed the nail program.

Unexpectedly, a few days after returning home, the bruises at the fingertips of Bulitani developed into a blood bubble, and it became bigger and bigger.Dry.She was soaked in salt water and covered with plaster to prevent it from infected with other parts.A month later, Brittini gave birth to her daughter Harper.She was worried that she was transmitted to her baby and made a special trip to see the doctor. She was told that she had granuloma. It was a tissue growth caused by the inflammatory response of bacterial infection.The doctor prescribed her steroid cream and told her to stop breastfeeding.

In May, when Brittini went to the State Western Hospital of Stone, Blitani received a blood test and X -ray examination. The doctor told her that she needed a resection surgery, which might remove some fingers.

In reality, many beautiful women are particularly tangled after pregnancy. Although the people around them have always advised that they cannot do, they do not want to give up the beauty of the fingertips. In the end, some people can’t help but worry about harm to the baby.So, can pregnant mothers be nail art?

From the composition of nail polish, early nail products contain harmful ingredients such as viomyl, diodes, and formaldehyde, so there has been a saying that there have been vitality products that can cause cancer and infertility.

Toluene (Tolune) can make nail oil smoother and the color is more uniform, but toluene with high concentration of high concentration will cause dizziness and nausea, and it will also affect the fetus.

Diablybenate (DBP) to prevent nail polish from falling off, but inhalation can affect fertility and may cause cancer.

FormalDehyde is recognized as carcinogenic substances.

However, regular nail products do not contain these harmful substances.The main component of nail polish is optical resin, and it does not contain the harmful substances above.Therefore, regular nail products are safe and can be used by pregnant women.

Of course, it is not ruled out that some black -hearted merchants are charging well and using inferior, harmful nail polish, but claim that it is a harmless and formal brand.

In addition, some ingredients in nail washing water, such as propyl, butyl acetate, and gobolites of elebers, can also cause headaches.However, these substances are prone to volatilization, as long as there are too much problems in the ventilation environment.

Although nail products are safer, it is not recommended to do nail art!This is because:

1. Sensitivity during pregnancy

During pregnancy, hormones secreted in the body of pregnant women are different from usual, making the chance of allergies during pregnancy much higher than usual.Therefore, the harmful substances in nail polish to pregnant women are more lethal than normal people.

2. Not conducive to the accuracy of pregnancy test

During the pregnancy test, the color of the nails is a basis for the doctor to judge whether the pregnant mother’s body is healthy. Anemia and heart disease can be reflected from the nails.Determine.

3. Worry with family members

For some straight men and elders, nails, makeup, and hair dyeing are the taboos of pregnant women, which will affect the health of the baby.Even if the nail makeup dyeing is not harmful to pregnant women, their concepts will not easily change.Instead of arguing with the family, it is better not to do nails and in exchange for family harmony.

After pregnancy, you still try not to be nails. If you want to make your nails more beautiful, you may wish to buy finished nail stickers. These finished nail stickers generally will not have any impact on the baby.

But if the pregnant mother especially wants to make nail art, there are several suggestions:

1. Clean the nail surface thoroughly

First of all, the fingertips and nail surfaces should be completely cleaned. The best way is to polish the nails into a suitable shape, and then use a cotton pad to dip the high -quality nail cleaning water, gently wipe the surface of the nails, and the surface on the surface.Remove the oil and impurities together, and then apply the base oil to ensure that nail polish is more durable.

2. Land oil

In order to be lazy, some women often omit this step of nail polish and directly use colored nail polish for nail art. This is also wrong. Before applying colored nail polish, you can apply a layer of base oil to avoid nails to avoid nails.Turn yellow, increase the hardness of the nails, and the colored nail polish will be better color, the color is very stable, and it is not easy to fall off. Therefore, we should apply a layer of nail oil on the surface of each nail.Essence

3. Also pay special attention to the number of control times

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