Can uterine adenomia affect pregnancy?Persist in pregnancy hazards is so great

Uterine adenomia is a common gynecological disease. It is called "immortal cancer". The most common symptom of sisters with uterine adenomia is dysmenorrhea. Sometimes painlessness.The "demons" that women are afraid, uterine adenomia is a type of endometriosis. It refers to a disease that grows between the endometrium between the endometrium. The biggest feature is secondary dysmenorrhea.In the end, it will cause increased menstrual flow and cause problems such as anemia, so the disease needs to be treated in a timely manner.Aneptisamosis often occurs in a maternal maternal in the ages of 30 to 50. Many women have questions. "Will getting uterine adenomia affect pregnancy?"

Some patients with uterine adenomia will indeed cause infertility, because uterine adenomia is often easy to have endometriosis, pelvic cavity has adhesion, and endometriosis can cause ovulation by ovarian ovulation.There are also retrograde tubes, which are the causes of infertility.The uterus of patients with uterine adenomiasis will continue to increase with the worsening of the condition. Some diffuse lesions or inflammatory components between muscle fibers will also affect the pregnancy. MoreoverInfertility, the causes of infertility include: 1. There are endocrine abnormalities in combination; 2. Insufficient luteal function; 3. The irregular contraction caused by the lesion is not conducive to fertilized eggs in bed;Not conducive to embryo bed.

However, there are also some patients who can get pregnant. When female friends with uterine adenoselion go to the hospital, the doctor will recommend that the patient will have a child to have a child again. Therefore, many women think that pregnancy can cure uterine that so?Actually not.So why do the doctor suggest that the patient is pregnant again?The main symptoms of uterine adenomy disease are women with dysmenorrhea, and women will stop menstruation for 10 months after pregnancy. In these 10 months, menstruation will not come again, so dysmenorrhea will not happen, so from a certain significance, so from a certain significanceIn other words, uterine adenomia is relieved, at least temporary relief, but patients who can cure are minimal. If you want to cure in this way, it can be said to be difficult to add.Don’t get pregnant blindly. Be sure to go to a regular hospital for symptomatic treatment.

If adenia is already very serious, what are the consequences of adhering to pregnancy?

Women’s uterus will increase after pregnancy to ensure that the fetus grows enough space.However, the part of adenia is not elastic, and the stretching force is very limited.In the early and in the middle of pregnancy, the uterine expansion of pregnant women is limited, and there is insufficient space for fetal growth, which is prone to abortion.If patients with adenomyosis have very strong fertility needs, it is recommended that patients who can get pregnant as soon as possible to get a regular check -ups as soon as possible, pay attention to preservation, rest, and early treatment.

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