Can three meals cause stomach pain?How to quickly relieve stomach pain?

As people’s life pressure is getting stronger, many people have no regular diet, causing stomach pain to become the most common disease among young people.So how can we alleviate this stomach pain?Let’s take a look below.

1. regular meal

Under normal circumstances, we should have three meals a day, and regularly eat at a fixed time.Do not eat snacks at night, because eating snacks can cause gastric acid secretion and trigger night gastric pain.

2. Don’t eat too full

Remember not to eat three meals a day. This will help reduce the attack of the stomach and reduce stomach discomfort.

3. Avoid fat food

Avoid eating fat foods or too greasy foods for diet. If you don’t want stomach discomfort, you should avoid eating too much fiber food.

4. Avoid spicy food

In addition to avoiding fat foods, you should also avoid spicy foods.Because spicy foods can cause indigestion, it is prone to nausea, bloating, fullness, and abdominal pain.

5. Don’t drink too much milk

Milk contains a large amount of protein and calcium, and these two substances will increase the production of gastric acid, causing your stomach to be more painful.So avoid drinking too much milk. If you want to replenish protein and calcium, you can choose other foods.

Which foods can help reduce stomach acid

Edible honey

In addition to the high nutritional value, honey can also improve our gastric acid, so if you feel that you have too much gastric acid and feel uncomfortable, you can eat a spoonful of honey.

Drink spice tea

Some spices can help soothe stomach pain and treat stomach problems, like cardamom and cumin.You can boil them in water, drink it after cooling, and immediately see the effect.

Drink ginger tea

Many pregnant women like to use ginger to treat pregnancy vomiting. In fact, ginger can also alleviate our stomach discomfort, soak ginger in hot water, and can drink after cooling.


Many people do not know that papaya can also treat stomach pain. Edating papaya can help digestion and reduce the production of gastric acid.

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