Can the ideal method of contraception really realize without having to set, do not take medicine, and ligate?Doctors come to popular science

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Before getting married, Xiao Wang negotiated with his girlfriend. After the marriage, do not have children. Wait until the two have enough ability to regenerate the child.

However, it was not long that the two people were married to get married.What makes Xiao Wang unacceptable is that after his wife is pregnant, he has been making trouble and he does not want to leave the child.

It turned out that the newlywed Yaler, two people can be described as paint -like paint, often perform sexual life.Xiao Wang felt that wearing a condom is very restricted, and he does not want to be limited in this regard.In most cases, Xiao Wang refused to wear condoms.In his opinion, contraception can be completed through in vitro.

Such a living state lasted for about two months, and his wife had not been pregnant, which made Xiao Wang more confident that he could contraception.

However, in the third month, Xiao Wang’s wife did not have normal menstruation. At that time, the couple didn’t care too much. After about half a month, Xiao Wang’s wife had symptoms of pregnancy.After going to the hospital for examination, he found that his wife was pregnant.

In the face of this result, Xiao Wang could not accept it at all, and his wife was very angry about it, thinking that it was the little king intentionally. She insisted that the child would be killed. After the two people’s life was richEssence

So, can in vitro really contraception?Which contraceptive method is the ideal?

In this regard, some professionals pointed out that in vitro is actually a very unreliable contraceptive method.When performing sexual life, if in vitro ejaculation is needed, men’s pressure will be greatly increased, making it unable to focus on sexual life.

This state will put tremendous pressure on men, and even causes men to have problems such as neurasthenia or non -ejaculation.Endogenesis is also very harmful to women. Some women have a cold sexual inductance is related to long -term external ejaculation.

From a security point of view, vitamin ejaculation is a contraceptive method that is not advocated.As the living conditions of modern people are constantly becoming better, people have higher requirements in fertility, especially many young people pursue eugenics and eugenics. Most young people think that it is better to have only one child.At this time, you must face the question of how to contraception.

At present, a variety of contraceptive methods, such as contraceptives or contraceptives, as well as external ejaculation and sterilization surgery.Among them, in vitro ejaculation is actually to shoot semen in the body through the method of pulling away.

This method is also a contraceptive method that most men have used.Because in the process of husband and wife life, men are prone to orgasm, and each time there will be ejaculation.

Many men believe that before the formal ejaculation, they only need to leave the vagina to successfully contracept, but this method is not completely reliable.There are often some cases that use this contraceptive method to eventually lead to contraception failure.

Because in the process of sexual life, semen flows out when ejaculation, and men’s semen will flow out in the whole sex life.Before entering the orgasm, if the semen has entered the vagina, it is still possible to get pregnant.Some researchers have found that the sperm content in a drop of semen has reached 100 million.Just a drop of semen into women’s body and getting pregnant.

Compared with other contraceptive methods, the failure rate of in vitro contraception is extremely high, and can reach more than 90%of the failure.And when most people are in vitro, they can’t control it at all.In addition to this contraceptive method, many people often choose to eat contraceptives and condoms.

Contraceptives have a certain harm to the human body, while condoms are safer, and contraceptive effects are better.

In addition to these contraceptive methods, are there any more ideal contraceptive measures?Some researchers believe that the use of sterilization surgery is the most effective and easiest way to contraception.

When doing sterilization surgery, it can be a woman for sterilization surgery, or the man can perform sterilization surgery. Compared with the female sterilization surgery, male sterilization surgery is more safe.Cutting off.

After performing sexual life after sterilization surgery, there is still the possibility of pregnancy. After three months, there is no sperm after reviewing the semen to achieve the effect of contraception.

If you want permanent contraception, sterilization surgery is the best choice, but from the current situation, most men are very exclusive to this surgery. For men, women’s probability of sterilization surgery is relatively high.If there is no fertility, or after giving birth, you don’t want to continue to have children. At this time, the best way is to do sterilization surgery.

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