Can the baby with a ring pregnant be pregnant?Will the baby deform?

Can the baby with a ring pregnant be pregnant?Someone may answer, of course, it can be asked!Last year, a newborn head photo was reposted more than 70,000 times on Facebook. Isn’t it a newborn and a birthplace by a woman at the same time?

The development of the baby Dexter in the mother’s belly is not affected by this foreign body that prevents humans from being reproduced, which is very lively and healthy.Review Zone God replied: It’s not so easy to kill me!

As a safe, effective, simple, economical, and reversible contraceptive tool, the in -palace birthpool (IUD) is the main contraceptive measures for women of childbearing age in my country.The contraceptive mechanism of the in -palace is complicated, and the mechanism has not been fully clear.A large number of studies have shown that IUD’s anti -fertility effect is mainly because local tissue responses to foreign bodies and affects fertilized eggs.


Bring a contraceptive ring, why should I return the bid?

Hand holding ultrasound and pregnancy test

The contraceptive ring (not in the correct position in the uterine cavity) or falling off is the main risk factor for accidental pregnancy. Uterine anatomy abnormalities, the expiration of the contraceptive ring, the number of past pregnancy, the frequency of sexual activity, and age may also be as Iud.Contraceptive failure is related to.

IUD is a high -risk factor for ectopic pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy). Therefore, even if you adopt contraceptives and contraceptives, once menstruation should not come, you need to seek medical treatment in time to eliminate ectopic pregnancy.

The concept of ectopic pregnancy

Isn’t it just pregnant?Take out the inside of the palace, and the pregnant mother can continue pregnancy?

Data show that compared with the pregnant woman who removed the contraceptive ring in the early pregnancy, the incidence of abortion, premature birth, and premature pregnancy of pregnant women in pregnant women who did not remove the contraceptive ring belt pregnancy was higher.However, even if the contraceptive ring is taken out in the early pregnancy, pregnant women who continue pregnancy will increase the risk of bad pregnancy incidents than pregnant women who have not used contraceptive rings.

Will the pregnancy pregnancy cause the baby’s deformity?At present, there is no research that the incidence of birth defects in newborn will increase the incidence of newborn birth defects.

Is it "staying" or "flowing" or "flowing" or "flowing"?

When pregnant mothers with ring pregnancy have ectopic pregnancy (abnormal pregnancy), it cannot be left anyway and cannot be left.In addition to actively adopting expectations of therapy, drug therapy or surgery, the contraceptive ring in the palace must also be arranged in time in accordance with its position and whether the surgery is arranged in a timely manner, and effective contraceptive methods are implemented.

What happened to the palace with a ring?

Pregnant mothers who do not want the baby in the early pregnancy can terminate the contraceptive ring during pregnancy, such as taking out the contraceptive ring at the same time during artificial abortion.Pregnant mothers who want to continue pregnancy may improve the pregnancy ending as soon as possible, but they cannot completely avoid bad pregnancy endings.

Which is the easiest to take out the contraceptive ring?Of course, there is a long -tail contraceptive ring.For the contraceptive ring that retains the tail wire outside the cervix, the surgeon can lightly pinch the tail filament with an oval clamp and gently force the contraceptive ring.

For pregnant mothers who see the tail silk and intend to continue pregnancy, doctors can take out the contraceptive ring as soon as possible.

What should I do if I can’t see the tail?Then the surgeon needs to take the surgical device to take the ring hook, and put it in the uterine cavity to find and take out the contraceptive ring. The above operations may cause miscarriage.After the ultrasonic guidance or ultrasonic positioning, take the condomering ring through the uterine lapsea to improve the bad pregnancy ending.

When the contraceptive ring cannot be guided by the tail or ultrasonic in the uterine laparoscope, it may continue to cause risks such as infection and premature birth of the mother and child. Forcibly taking out the condom can also cause pregnancy failure. At this time, you need to needThe doctor weighs the advantages and disadvantages and decides whether to continue to take out the contraceptive ring.

The operation of taking out IUD in the second trimester may cause premature breakthrough, bleeding, miscarriage or fetal trauma, but there is no research evidence that the operation of the IUD does not cause the above complications.Risk of bad pregnancy incidents.

In the third trimester: There is currently no research on special treatment for the third trimester of pregnancy.

Do I have to get cesarean section with a ring?

Both childbirth and cesarean section can be selected, and individualized treatment is required.

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