Can skin care products be used during pregnancy?

The mood of the first mother must be very frozen. Be careful what to do whatever, for fear that it will hurt the fetus.In fact, the baby is very safe in the uterus. Unless you touch the abdomen in a big movement, why not do not have to be too nervous, it is the most important thing to maintain a happy and peaceful attitude.

Due to people, many people’s skin during pregnancy is terrible!The culprit is to secrete estrogen and progesterone in large quantities during pregnancy.They weaken the self -regulating function of pregnant women, so that the face of expectant mothers no longer shine.Moreover, the skin condition of expectant mothers not only worse, but also particularly sensitive.Eternicine can make the skin of pregnant women very easily stimulated and induce infection. The red spots on the face are not only ugly but also painful!

In addition, it is now alternating in summer and autumn, and the climate change is uncertain.The face can be served well, and it is dry until the peeling is accidentally dried.

If you want to have good skin, you must take care of your face.The use of skin care products is definitely the top priority.Moreover, there is a baby in the stomach, and skin care products can not be used casually during pregnancy.

Therefore, you need to skin care at any time. You can buy skin care products for pregnant women during pregnancy. The targeted products are better. Pay attention to the cleaning of the face of the face to ensure that sufficient rest, and the complexion will be much better.

Poin spots on the face are due to the impact of progesterone, and the melanin in the body will increase.There will be a stains on the face, and these stains will not be easily disappeared after production. By the end of pregnancy, the skin will become very sensitive, the resistance to ultraviolet rays will also weaken, and the skin will be more easily black.Lloabic spots will appear on the face that is exposed for a long time.Therefore, it is important to use targeted skin care products during pregnancy!


In the end, keep a happy mood, eat, drink, and be a healthy and happy expectant mother!

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