Can skin care after pregnancy?Pregnant women have figured out these questions, there is an answer in her heart

Wen | Tao Ma

Xiaomeng, who was 6 months pregnant, was very low in mood recently. It was not because of these discomfort during pregnancy that made her uncomfortable. Instead, she found that her skin became poor, and she was like a person who used to change.She couldn’t accept what she was now, so she was gloomy all day.There are indeed many pregnant women’s skin during pregnancy will change a lot, of which can’t escape acne, darkened skin tone, and spots.Pregnant women dare not make up, fearing that they will affect the development of the fetus, and it seems that she can only develop it.In fact, this is not the case. If pregnant women do not pay attention to skin problems during pregnancy, they will be a few years old after giving birth.About pregnancy care, it is necessary for pregnant women to know these.

1. Will pregnant women use skin care products affect fetal health?

Most skin care products are synthesized by chemical ingredients. Many pregnant women will worry that these chemical components will enter the placenta through themselves, which will affect the development of the fetus.In fact, such concerns are unnecessary, because skin care products are generally only on the surface of the skin, and it is difficult to penetrate the skin into the body.However, pregnant women should note that when using skin care products, try to choose relatively safe and simple products.

2. Can I make up after pregnancy?

Compared with skin care products, the ingredients of cosmetics are more complicated, which may include preservatives, antioxidants, pigments, spices, etc. These things sound unhealthy.If pregnant women make up every day, the harmful substances will affect the fetus.In other words, pregnant women occasionally make makeup once or twice, but do not make makeup frequently.And pregnant women should pay attention not to use perfumes as much as possible. Among them, musk components may cause abortion.

3. Can pure natural products be trusted?

We can often see advertisements for some products, saying that our products are pure natural, without chemical composition, and no preservatives, it is safe.Such propaganda sounds very attractive, but pregnant women should not believe blindly.Pure natural products, even if there is no artificial synthetic chemical component, there will still be some compounds.For such products, pregnant women should still choose carefully.

4. Is it safer to wash with water?

Many pregnant women are worried that the use of cleansing milk is not good for the fetus, so they want to wash their faces with water.However, there are a lot of dust in the environment of our lives. If you use only water to wash your face, we cannot clean the skin well, but it will cause the greasy crusts to accumulate.Over time, it is not conducive to skin health.If pregnant women are not assured, they can be washed with water in the morning and washed with facial cleanser at night.

Tao Ma said: Pay attention to protecting the health of the fetus during pregnancy, but pregnant women cannot give up to maintain herself.If the skin is not good during pregnancy, the skin condition will be worse after giving birth, the face is dim, fine lines will grow, the skin is sagging, and it looks like 5 years old.If you want to repair it at this time, it is really difficult.Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to care for their skin even during pregnancy. Do not regret it when the child is born.

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