Can she get pregnant during the period of sheep epilepsy?

Sheep epilepsy, after mentioning this disease, many people are afraid in their hearts, because it is a chronic nervous system disease, not only difficulty in treating, but also genetic.In the descendants of many patients with sheep epilepsy, the possibility of sheep epilepsy is extremely high.Therefore, if patients with sheep epilepsy want to reduce the inheritance of the disease, they must treat the disease as soon as possible, and follow the principles of treatment. Under the guidance of a doctor, the treatment can be treated.Some side effects.

1. Clinically, sheep epilepsy is a chronic disease that can be controlled.However, the treatment of sheep epilepsy is relatively long, and it takes a long time to return to normal.In fact, patients with sheep epilepsy are married and have a detailed consultation with doctors to avoid the possibility of sheep epilepsy.Although the probability of sheep epilepsy is low, if it is inherited to the future generations, the harm they cause to the next generation is unimaginable.Some patients who take sheep epilepsy drugs should pay attention to consultation during pregnancy to prevent the side effects of drugs from harming the health of the fetus.

2. Everyone should know the characteristics of sheep epilepsy. Although the patients with sheep epilepsy can get married and have a child, they are carried out under the premise of being controlled by the condition.Therefore, during the treatment of patients with sheep epilepsy, pay attention to the request of taking medicine to control the disease and control the condition of the doctor, and at the same time pay attention to avoiding close marriage.If patients with sheep epilepsy are primary patients, avoid giving birth during the seizures.Because the genetic probability of primary sheep epilepsy is extremely high, much higher than secondary sheep epilepsy.

3. For female patients with sheep epilepsy during pregnancy, they must pay great attention to prenatal examinations. Pay attention to avoid perinatal damage, avoid collision of the abdomen, and stay away from those chemicals that are prone to radiation.The danger of deformity should be fully prepared before pregnancy.Children should do a good job before birth to avoid difficulty in giving birth or various production injuries.

4. Control with sheep epilepsy for more than 3 years. It is more suitable for drugs to stop or decrease. It is best not to postpone more than 35 years of age. For the first time of the early birth of a mother, it is easy to increase the hazard risk.The dose should be reduced as much as possible without having too many side effects, and patients or their relatives have deformed genetic people infered.Patients have miscarriage in the past, and they have been given birth or childbirth -abnormal babies, and they should be careful about pregnancy again.The marriage and fertility of sheep epilepsy must analyze the specific situation, and emphasize the full preparations after pregnancy after marriage.

In fact, as long as prepare work, most sheep epilepsy women can get pregnant and childbirth normally. There are many common sense that patients with sheep epilepsy need to understand. In order to reduce the impact of some adverse factors, patients with sheep epilepsy should be actively actively.Cooperate with treatment.

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