Can pregnant women who are 5 months pregnant be crab?Look at what experienced Bao Ma says!

Panpan is a gourmet, saying that eating can always arouse her interest.But since she became pregnant, she was like turning her own person, so she did n’t eat and did n’t touch it. It was for the sake of the health of the baby in the

Last time, a few friends had a meal. When she was 5 months pregnant, she saw a plate of hairy crabs on the table dining, but she didn’t dare to take one for herself.

I think she wanted to eat crabs and hesitated, so I pinched one in her bowl.She looked at me and said, "Can pregnant women really eat crabs?" I said that you have been pregnant for 5 months and are already in the middle of pregnancy. At this time, the baby in the belly is relatively stable.It is okay to solve two solutions.After listening to me, she opened the crab shell to eat.

Crab contains very rich nutrients such as protein, calcium and vitamins, which are the substances required for the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses.However, if the body of the pregnant mother belongs to the cold constitution, or if it is allergic to seafood, it is recommended not to eat crabs, tolerate, wait for the child to eat after the child is born.

In fact, there is still controversy for whether pregnant women can eat crabs. It is also often seen that reports say that pregnant women eat more crabs and cause miscarriage, and the classic Chinese herbal medicine classic book "Famous Doctors’ Records" records "crab claws, breaking the abortion abortion abortion""" ".Because the crab is cold and has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, the early pregnancy is the most unstable of the fetus. If the pregnant mother eats too much crab, it will easily cause bleeding and increase the risk of abortion.If you eat too much crab in the third trimester, it is easy to cause premature birth, and it is relatively safe to eat a little bit in the middle of pregnancy.

1. Cooked and cooked.Pregnant women are boiled or steamed with water. The original flavor is suitable for pregnant mothers. Do not eat crab feet.

2. When steaming crabs, steam 2 spoons of vinegar and put a few slices of ginger in small bowls together.

3. Crab body content is easy to survive parasites. Eating too much may be unfavorable to the body of pregnant women and fetuses, so don’t eat more.I wish everyone a good pregnancy!

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