Can pregnant women use cosmetics?What are the easy -to -use pregnant women brands, get arrived

Many pregnant mothers will have this psychology during pregnancy:

Can I use this skin care product?No need to worry that you will be aging and not good -looking. If you use it, you will be worried that you will hurt the fetus in the belly.

Let’s answer first, pregnant women can use skin care products, provided that regular businesses, which do not contain components that pregnant women cannot use.It is best to be suitable for pregnant women’s current skin quality, such as moisturizing, hydrating, etc.

I will share with you a few easy -to -use skin care products, which are suitable for pregnant women.

Almost all pregnant women will think of the old brands of Kangaroo Mother and pro -moisturizing.

The wheat germ series, the taste of a wheat, fragrant, should be cautious if you don’t like aroma.The skin feel is okay, many people say it is not easy to use, or it may not be suitable for your skin quality

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Looking at its moisturizing milk, it does not contain fragrance, and there is no risk component, and there is no component for pregnant women with caution, so you can use it with confidence.

Mainly added wheat extracts not only have a whitening and freckle effect on the skin, but also the effect of antioxidant.And it is more suitable for my ingredients. The matching score with my skin is as high as 83 points.

Being a mother, I am always worried about affecting the healthy development of the baby in the stomach. In addition to eating, skin care products are not dare to use it, but this autumn and winter, the face is resistant.Feel that rough feeling.

After asking the experienced cousin, she took me a set of Fancl’s water milk.

I use a high moisturizing series. If I use it once, I feel that there is a protective film on my face. The drying feeling on my face is gone. It took a few days to use the skin’s elasticity.And the effect of so nervous skin.

And the whole process is gentle and not irritating at all.

However, it is reminded that because the ingredients are not added, the shelf life is short, and it must be used up within two months after opening.

The price is beautiful and the product is not bad. It is a brand trusted by many mothers.

Personally prefer this soy milk nourishing soft skin, because it is really gentle

The only disadvantage is the aroma, alas

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The main added ingredients are glycerin, butanol, and 1-2-pentaol. The effect is moisturizing, which is suitable for mothers with dry skin during pregnancy.And the ingredients look at the same level, the safety level is almost all level 1, even if you are a sensitive muscle, you can use it with peace of mind.

A fragrance ingredients are added, but the content is not much.The remaining preservatives, risk ingredients, and pregnant women are used with caution and other ingredients.

The most important thing is that there is no component that is not suitable for me, hahaha, happy.

Although this is not the brand of the main pregnant mother, it does not mean that people are not easy to use.

Japan can focus on skin care brands that focus on sensitive muscles, and sensitive muscle pregnant mothers can use it!

Personally prefer their cream

This water -sensitive cream is aggressive between frost and gel, and pushes it gently, quickly turns into water -shaped, absorbing quickly.It is particularly moisturized and not sticky. It feels that the skin is instantly injected into a lot of water, making the entire skin smooth Q bombs ~ In addition, it is also very effective for some sensitive muscles, which can relieve calm!

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The main ingredients of this cream are also level 1, very safe

Among them, the corner shark allena is added, and the skin -friendly sensation is very strong, which can effectively repair the skin and moisturize the skin.It is more suitable for pregnant mothers who need to repair skin barriers during pregnancy.

Needless to say Clarins, pregnant mothers are just this brand, or Reba endorsed.

The hottest thing should be the stretch marks of their family, but the price is not very beautiful.The stretch marks are a pregnant mother nine appear.It is really ugly and needs to be prevented during pregnancy.

Be sure to apply and massage from the early pregnancy to 3 months after giving birth. Do n’t worry about ugly stretch marks.

The beauty oil and G dews of their family are really easy to use, very comfortable, and the face feels great

Although it is not a brand of pregnant women, it does not mean that it is not suitable for pregnant mothers. As long as there is no component that no pregnant mothers cannot use.

No taste, just like mineral water

If your requirements for it are only hydrating, promoting subsequent absorption, sedative skin, and balancing oil balance, it will not disappoint you.It is completely not irritating, not greasy, absorb the face in seconds!You can also use it to apply it wet or something. Pregnant mothers with allergic muscles and dry peeling are suitable.

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No need to say more, looking at the ingredients directly is the component of the level 1.

And mostly moisturizing and hydrating, no whitening ingredients, and effectively conditioning the skin.

There is no reason why there is no aroma, I also know that it does not contain fragrance and preservatives, and there is nothing. Pregnant mothers can use it with confidence.

Wait, it is recommended that you can the next real app and open the "pregnant mother mode" inside

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You can directly see if the skin care products you need to buy are suitable for you

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At a glance, you can also check the ingredients, safety and efficacy of cosmetics. Pregnant mothers are not happy to try it.

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