Can pregnant women infected with "new crowns"?Experts’ detailed answer

Beijing News (Reporter Guo Yimeng) Can pregnant women infect the "new crown"?What medicine can be used?Will infection "new crowns" affect children?Do I need to go to the hospital for treatment?These issues have become the most concerned on pregnant women.

Han Yan, deputy director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Tianjin Medical University, said that most of the symptoms of most new crown infected people are similar to other upper respiratory infections, such as fever, muscle soreness, cough, sore throat and runny nose.Some data show that the new crown infection with pregnant women is basically the same as the clinical manifestations of ordinary people, and the severity is basically similar. Generally, it improves in 3-4 days, and basically recovers in about 5-7 days.

Han Yan reminded that the elderly, obesity, and self -consolidation of basic diseases such as asthma, chronic hypertension, diabetes, and autoimmune system diseases are high -risk factor for the new crown infection of pregnancy.

Han Yan, deputy director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the General Hospital of Tianjin Medical University.Picture source: Tianjin Medical University General Hospital

Beijing News: How should pregnant women do a good job of personal protection?

Han Yan: Maternal mothers must wear masks at the public venue, and need to wear N95 masks at the hospital.To keep your hand hygiene, after returning from public places and touching suspicious exposure, it is recommended to wash your hands with flowing water according to the standard method, use flowing water to wash your hands, or use 75%alcohol -free hand washing solution.Do not go out, do not dinner, do not go or reduce or reduce people; try not to ride dense public transportation for people; we must have a positive and optimistic attitude to ensure balanced nutrition and sufficient sleep.

Beijing News: Do pregnant women’s new crown antigen or nucleic acid positive need to be treated with medication?

Han Yan: If there is no fever, only symptoms such as dry throat, nasal congestion, cough and sputum, no need to treat drugs, can relieve symptoms such as drinking water, ensuring adequate sleep and light diet.Essence

If there is fever and the body temperature is lower than 38.5 ° C, it can be treated with symptoms, and physical cooling can be taken.

If the cooling effect is not obvious, or if the temperature increases to 38.5 ° C or above, heating drugs can be used.The acetaminophenol for the preferred heating drugs to avoid using a variety of antipyretic drugs to cause liver and kidney damage at the same time; because the safety of proprietary Chinese medicines during pregnancy is not clear, it is not recommended to take Chinese medicine by itself.Drugs and antibiotics.Those with symptoms of diarrhea can use Mengshi Sanda to relieve symptoms.

Beijing News: Will pregnant women infect the new crown, will it affect the fetus?

Han Yan: Clinical research data shows that because of the placenta barrier between the mother’s fetus, the probability of vertical transmission of the maternal fetus of the new coronary virus is extremely low.From the perspective of domestic research data, it is not found that the pregnant woman will have an impact on the fetus after the new crown infection, and it does not lead to the increase in the probability of premature birth, abortion, and congenital malformations.

If pregnant women are infected with new coronary viruses, when symptoms such as continuous high fever and hypoxia, the fetal heart is also increased, fetal distress, etc.Therefore, if the maternal maternal is high fever, or abnormal fetal movement, you need to seek medical treatment in time.

Beijing News: Under what circumstances do pregnant women need to go to the hospital for treatment?

Han Yan: If pregnant women are infected with new coronal viruses and have no symptoms of discomfort, they can closely monitor body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate at home.

If you take an antipyretic medicine, it is still high fever, accompanied by unstable chest tightness, headache, or blood pressure heart rate, or obstetrics such as fetal movement abnormalities, abdominal pain, vaginal hemorrhage, etc., you need to come to the hospital for relevant examinations in time.

Pregnant women with basic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, asthma, and autoimmune system diseases need to be tightly monitored once infected.Essence

In the emergency, pregnant women who areolate at home can also contact the community after contacting the community.Obstetric experts passed the online outpatient clinic of the Internet Hospital of Tianjin Medical University General Hospital, and also guided medical treatment for pregnant mothers.

Beijing News: Do you have to choose a cesarean section infection with the new crown?

Han Yan: At present, the current unsecured indication shows that the new crown infection is better than natural delivery in the vertical transmission of the mother’s fetus.Regardless of whether or not the new crown is infected, the choice of childbirth needs to be comprehensively evaluated by obstetricians.

Beijing News: Can my mother still breastfeed if my mother is infected with the new coronary virus?

Han Yan: At present, there is no study that his mother has new coronary virus when he is infected with the new coronary virus, so breastfeeding is safe.However, during breastfeeding, the mother must wear the N95 mask and strictly do hand -to -hand hygiene to avoid talking and cough during breastfeeding.Before contacting newborns and breast pumps, strictly abide by cleaning and hygiene.Borfen is relatively safe during breastfeeding.The professional team of "postpartum discharge after delivery" professional team can provide online consultation for novice mothers after childbirth.

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