Can pregnant women eat pepper? Can pregnant women eat which condiments can not eat

Pepper powder, also known as ancient moon powder, is crushed by the fruit of tropical plant pepper trees. It is both a good condiment and a precious medicinal material.Intersection

Pepper is a good condiment, and it is also a precious medicinal material. It can be used for two uses. It has a unique aromatic flavor and bitter taste. Chinese medicine said that pepper has the function of warming the stomach and cold.Let’s take a look at whether pregnant women can eat pepper!

Can pregnant women eat pepper?

Pregnant women should eat less or not pepper.Pepper "eats more fire and dry liquid, and consumes gas and wounds yin. During pregnancy, pregnant women should try to avoid eating spicy and irritating foods. Hot stimulating food will increase the heat in the human body.It can also stimulate the gastric mucosa and cause congestion, affecting the safety of maternal and infants.

The effect and role of peppercorns

[Sexual taste] taste Xin, hot sex.

[Gui Jing] Stomach and large intestine.

[Efficacy] Wenzhong scattered cold, indifferent to phlegm, treats abdominal pain diarrhea, appetite, and epilepsy and phlegm.

1. Prevent breast cancer: Pepper contains a chemical named "pepperine", which has the effect of preventing breast cancer.Pepper with ginger (curry powder), its anti -cancer effect will be stronger.

2. Treatment of nasal congestion and preventing colds: Pepper is a natural blood decomposition. The chemicals in the pepper can stimulate the nasal mucosal cells to produce diluted mucus, which opens up the nose and relieves the symptoms of colds.Chicken soup u> Shrimp vendor 郏 ū ū 堑 u> Food partner.

3. Deficiency of oil and digestion: The main component of pepper is pepperine, and it also contains a certain amount of aroma oil, crude protein, crude fat and soluble nitrogen, which can remove fishy, greasy, and help digestion.

Precautions for pregnant women to eat seasonings

1. Sugar essence: Eat more sugar essence can cause indigestion, and it will increase the burden on the kidney.

2. Salt: Eat more salt will increase the edema of pregnant women. Many pregnant women have edema in the late stage. It can be seen that the ankle and calf skin are tight and bright.This is because the inner secretion of the pregnant woman’s body can easily lead to water retention. At the same time, the increased uterus compresses the lower limb veins, which is blocked by the flow of blood, and the lower limbs are prone to edema.

3. Soy sauce: Soy sauce contains 18%of salt. Pregnant women must calculate soy sauce when calculating the amount of salt.Soy sauce contains preservatives.Pregnant women do not need to avoid soy sauce, but the diet is light.

4. MSG: The primary ingredient of MSG is sodium glutamate, which is easy to close with zinc, causing zinc deficiency in pregnant women, so be cautious.

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