Can pregnant women eat durian?What can durian can’t eat with?

Recently, Cat Dad has always wrote some articles about things that cannot be eaten during pregnancy. Among them, "Fruits of Pregnant Women: What fruits can pregnant women eat?"In the article, the cat dad does not recommend that pregnant women eat more durian, which is also the suggestion that the cat dad is hurt by many netizens.

So today, the cat dad wants to start the durian: Can pregnant women eat durian?

Durian fruit contains a variety of vitamins, rich in nutrition, unique fragrance, and is known as the beauty of the "king of fruits".Durian’s nutritional value is very high. In addition to high sugar, it also contains rich protein and lipids. It has a good nourishing effect on the body and is a good source of nutritional sources of fruits.There is a saying that a durian is equal to 3 old hens, which means that the nutritional value of a durian is similar to the three old hens.So many people recommend that pregnant women can eat more durian.

But these people only know one of them and do not know the second.Pregnant women eat durian and the following disadvantages:

1. The calories and sugar contained in durian are high. 500 grams contains 500 kcal of calories. If the expectant mothers often use durians as supplements, causing their blood sugarIncrease.

2. For pregnant mothers, after 4 months of pregnancy, the small intestine exercise of the pregnant mother weakens, and a little careless diet will cause constipation.Although durian is rich in dietary fiber, it will absorb water and swell in the stomach. Too much consumption will block the intestines and cause constipation. For pregnant mothers who are prone to constipation, they will increase the burden on the gastrointestinal, especially the original sufferings.Pregnant mothers with constipation and hemorrhoids should not eat durian.

3. Furthermore, durian is warm. It is easy to get angry when eating, sore throat, irritability and insomnia, causing fever in pregnant women and damaging the health of newborns.

Therefore, in order to avoid causing constipation due to durians, great supplements, large nutrition, huge fetal fetuses, etc., causing difficulty in giving birth.The prospective mothers who love durian hold their mouths. If you want to eat durian, it shall not exceed 100g per day.

In addition, durian cannot be eaten with the following crops:

1. Consumption of durian and wine can cause blood vessels to block the stroke.Thailand clearly stipulates that after eating a large amount of durian, you cannot drink within 8 hours.

2. The same food of durian and mangosteen may cause constipation.

3, durian and temperature foods are like mutton, dog meat, etc. will get angry.

4, durian and crabs can cause severe stomach discomfort.

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