Can milk drink every day?(Part 1)

Chinese Medicine Outpatient Record

"Dr. Zhu, I always have a question, why don’t you let me drink milk every day?" The patient asked.

"Oh! This is related to your disease, because drinking milk every day has an impact on your disease," I said.

"How do you? The society said that drinking milk every day is good for health. How can it have something to do with illness? But I think some people on the Internet say that milk is cold and can’t drink. I don’t know what is going on."The patient is puzzled.

"There are indeed many patients asking me, then I will find a chance to talk about it in detail!" I said.

Chinese medicine and milk

The earliest records of milk in the Northern and Southern Dynasties "Complex Note" in the Southern and Southern Dynasties, recorded in the book: "Sheep milk: warm. Nourish cold and lack of cold. Cow milk and sheep milk are really fattened, so the northern people are more fat."Records can speculate that sheep milk may be more common than milk at that time, because cow milk was recorded under the provisions of goat milk, and milk milk was not recorded alone.

The Tang Dynasty’s "Food Therapy" records: "Cow milk: cold. People with hot wind should be taken. People with cold air should not be served." The "Qianjin Wing Fang" of the same era records milk briefly: "Cow milk is slightly cold.Virtuality, quenching thirst. "Based on these records, it may be the origin of the more popular milk.Is milk cold?Let’s take a look at the "Compendium of Materia Medica".

"Compendium of Materia Medica" records milk: "milk: [Smell] Gan, slightly cold, non -toxic. Shizhen said: milk fried, effective cure of qi and diarrhea."It is recorded that Emperor Tang Taizong could not be healed because of dysentery.

At that time, Tang Taizong was distressed because of dysentery. At this time, there was a party named Zhang Baozhuang who presented one party to cure Tang Taizong’s dysentery.Tang Taizong was very happy, so he promoted him to five officials.At that time, Wei Zheng deliberately asked Zhang Baozang to promote his official. Then Tang Taizong’s dysentery recurred, and then he used the same method to cure dysentery again.At this time, Tang Taizong asked Zhang Baozang why he hadn’t been promoted yet?Wei Zheng replied that he had not handled him. Tang Taizong furiously blamed Wei Zheng and awarded Zhang Baozang’s three officials.The story may be real, but the prescription for this treatment of dysentery is recorded very clearly.It should be a yin and one yang to treat dysentery, and the medicine is the medicine of Xin heat. Its milk should be cold, so the Compendium of Materia Medica also records that milk is cold.

Therefore, according to many records of Chinese medicine classics, milk is basically certain.Therefore, it is correct that milk is cold on the Internet, and it is correct from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine.

Yogurt and stomach cold

It is precisely because milk is cold, so for people with cold constitution, especially those with cold stomach, they need an appropriate amount, and they must be appropriately controlled by yogurt.Many people say that yogurt has high nutritional value, but my stomach is not good and I ca n’t drink cold, so I put it at room temperature and drink it.

First of all, if your stomach is not good, drink as little yogurt as possible. On the one hand, the acidity of yogurt is not friendly for people with poor stomach. On the other hand, yogurt stored at 2 ~ 4 ℃Cold, it will cause discomfort after eating.Secondly, once the yogurt is placed at room temperature for a long time, it is easy to deteriorate, which will endanger health.Therefore, it is not advisable to make the yogurt hot and hot.

One more thing is that everyone rarely noticizes, that is the sugar added to the yogurt.If you have the opportunity to eat yogurt without sugar, you will find that it is actually more difficult to import, because only after adding a sufficient amount of sugar to the yogurt, the yogurt will become sweet and sour, but in fact, in order to make it to make it allowThe sense of population is comfortable, and too much sugar is added to the yogurt, so for people with some problems with blood sugar, yogurt is also unfriendly.

The Chu of Zhu’s internal medicine comes to summarize again!

I think it is okay to drink some in moderation of milk. Although its nature is slightly cold, there is no big problem for ordinary healthy people to drink.

If your spleen and stomach are cold, you can diarrhea when you encounter cold wind or eat cold food, then milk, especially yogurt, should try to avoid long -term drinking, because your constitution is not suitable.

And the most important thing is that if you have some special diseases, then milk is to be taboo. What diseases are it?We will decompose next time!

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