Can I test my pregnancy on the first day after the same room?Which pregnancy test stick and test paper are more accurate?

For self -testing of pregnancy, the current commonly used method is the pregnancy test stick and pregnancy test paper.However, many people may not know about their related knowledge.Especially after the same room, how long it can be used to detect pregnancy with a pregnancy test stick or pregnancy test strip. Most people know very little about this.

In fact, for women with menstruation, pregnancy test tests can be selected after menstruation for more than seven days.For women who are more disordered during menstrual periods, at least 15 to 20 days after the same room can be waited for the pregnancy test stick or pregnancy test paper to obtain more accurate test results.

So for the pregnancy test sticks and pregnancy test strips, which one of the testing methods obtained is more accurate?In fact, the detection principles of these two detection methods are actually relatively similar, that is, they are determined by detecting the HCG level in the urine to determine whether they are pregnant.The results are more credible.

Let ’s introduce the use process when using the pregnancy test stick and pregnancy test paper for detection.First of all, you need to collect morning urine, and after carefully reading the manual, immerse the pregnancy test stick or pregnancy test strip correctly into the urine, and then wait for the test to complete, and the test results must be observed in time within a valid time.If two red bars appear, it means pregnancy.If there is only a red bar, it means that there is no pregnancy.Without any red bar, it means that the test fails.

And it should be noted that after using the pregnancy test stick or pregnancy test strip to detect pregnancy, you still need to go to a regular hospital for blood testing and B -ultrasound. Do not think that everything is good after testing.It is important to determine whether ectopic pregnancy and the number of pregnancy sacs are very important for pregnant women and fetuses.

So what do female friends pay attention to after pregnancy?Let’s take a look at it together.

1. Forbidden in the same room

In the early pregnancy, because the fetal state is relatively unstable, the same room needs to be strictly prohibited at this time. Otherwise, if the uterine contraction is caused by orgasm, it is easy to have adverse effects on the fetal development.For this, female friends must raise their attention. If you suspect that you are pregnant, you must restrain your desires in time and control sexual life reasonably.

2. Avoid strenuous exercise

As we all know, women cannot exercise fiercely during pregnancy, otherwise they are likely to cause the fetus to be damaged by the health of the fetus due to excessive fatigue. In severe cases, they may cause abortion problems.However, this is not to say that women must choose to sit for a long time after pregnancy, and they are still allowed to take appropriate walking exercise.

3. Adjust the diet

The impact of diet health on pregnant women and fetuses is very great.During pregnancy, due to the greater changes in hormones, many women will have the problem of loss of appetite. At this time, it is very irrational to choose a large amount of spicy and cold foods to choose a large amount of appetite.Because the irritation of such foods is very large, excessive consumption is likely to have adverse effects on the uterus, which is not conducive to fetal development.

The above is the introduction of the precautions of women after pregnancy.Female friends must pay attention to pregnancy.Especially for many taboos during pregnancy, pregnant women must pay attention to strict compliance.In addition, do not maintain a highly tense emotional state for a long time due to your body pregnancy, which is also easy to adversely affect the health of the fetus.

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