Can I take medicine during pregnancy?Why does it grow spots?Can you eat spicy?Can you blow the air conditioner?More dry goods, come and see

Can I take medicine during pregnancy?

If it is just a small cold and a good pregnant mother can get better by themselves, it is best to be able to take medicine at this time.However, some diseases are more serious. If the harm is far greater than the harm caused by taking medicine, at this time, it is necessary to use medicine under the guidance of a doctor to avoid the disease of the disease and bring a greater impact on the baby.

Why are there a lot of spots for pregnant mothers?

This is related to the level of hormone in the body. Because the estrogen is elevated and the pigment is calm, spots will appear on the face. Of course, these conditions will be eased with the end of pregnancy.

In addition, remind you to abuse some three -proof products if you do n’t remove acne.For the baby, tolerate.

The peppers are too hot, and pregnant women must not eat it?

In fact, a small amount of pepper does not have much effect on pregnant women and babies, and the pepper is rich in vitamin C, which can prevent heart disease and coronary arteriosclerosis, reduce cholesterol, and eat some peppers appropriately during pregnancy, which can also increase appetite.

However, pregnant mothers should not be too spicy. While eating spicy food, I have to hold their mouth while eating spicy! Be sure to put it in an appropriate amount. Be careful not to eat it.Stomach pain, diarrhea, and even constipation.

Can pregnant women not do exercise, will it affect the fetus?

In fact, the appropriate amount of exercise during pregnancy is possible, which can make the blood circulation of pregnant mothers smoothly, and it can also prevent problems such as obesity and diabetes during pregnancy. It helps to give birth. The focus is on the fetus to develop better!

But "Pay attention to avoid strenuous exercise, avoid strenuous exercise, and avoid strenuous exercise. Important things to say three times."

In addition, when choosing a exercise project, you must also control the strength and time of exercise according to the situation and fetal condition of the pregnant mother, and to achieve "it can stop and do the force".

Here, I recommend a few favorite projects of domestic pregnant mothers -pregnant women’s health exercises, yoga, walking, swimming, and interested may try it.

Can confinement blow air conditioners and fans?


Pay attention to the indoor ventilation after confinement after giving birth. In the summer, you can use air conditioners and fans appropriately to avoid heat stroke.

The temperature is adjusted until you feel comfortable, and it should not be too low. Generally, it is advisable to be about 26-28 degrees. Just do not blow directly to the air outlet. Open the window to ventilate every day.If the pattern is opposite, the baby and the mother can rest in the bedroom, turn on the air conditioner in the living room, and keep the air circulation.

Can pregnant women wash their hair? What should I pay attention to?


Washing hair during pregnancy is very necessary. Because the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands of pregnant mothers is very strong, it is easy to sweat, and the oily secretions on the head will increase.It’s right.

So, what are the points for washing your hair during pregnancy?

1) Selecting mild shampoo.The types of shampoo on the market are dazzling, but no matter which brand is not necessarily suitable for all pregnant mothers. The owner of the palace still recommends that pregnant mothers choose a special shampoo for pregnant women. The nature is mild, and the safety will be relatively high.

2) Do not have too much hair washing.Under normal circumstances, pregnant women can wash their hair 2-3 times a week. If it is summer, sweating more, you can wash it once the next day without having to wash your hair every day.

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