Can I still wear it like this?Simple and comfortable and fashionable

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Many pregnant women around me always talk to me. After I feel that I am pregnant, let’s not say that the vest line and Xiaoman waist have already left, and the whole person is swollen and embarrassed, especially after five months laterThe waist that was unable to cover was round.

The most important thing is that a maternal dress with a burst has pushed the word "fashion" farther, so is it really not worthy of fashion during pregnancy?In fact, as long as you choose proper matching, even if you have a big abdomen, you can still recessed the sense of fashion.

After the stomach of the middle of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will subconsciously choose more loose clothes to cover their belly due to the prominent belly. Loose clothes can indeed weaken the curve of the belly, but only proper loose can create an overall line feeling.

The wide A -line printed skirt with a wider skirt is definitely hidden a little master of pregnant belly!The loose skirts will not hold the belly too much, and a large area of printing can give people the best visual impact, thereby weakening the effect of "big belly".

The small fresh floral skirt can also achieve this effect. The floral is enough to divert the attention, and it can also show the sweet and intellectual temperament of women. It looks comfortable and sweet and romantic. Pregnant mothers can also have a sense of girly.

In addition, the style of one shoulder is also suitable for pregnant mothers.The word design can highlight the shoulder lines, make people ignore the bloated stomach, make the pregnant mother look lighter, and also highlight the overall elegant temperament.

But note that the pregnant mother is choosing the skirt to choose the length of the skirt according to her height, and the pregnant mother who is not too high, do not choose the long skirt as much as possible.It’s bloated and inconvenient.

The core point that mothers are most concerned about during pregnancy are -not diarrhea, so pregnant mothers who are not used to dresses can also choose to choose low -waist pants, pregnant women’s pants or pants with more comfortable pants.

Among them, I recommend strap pants even more.Not only has it has the effect of belly, so that the stomach does not have to be too hard, but also has a sense of girlishness. You can also wear it after pregnancy!

But for many pregnant mothers, it is still more troublesome, so high waist skirts can solve your little trouble.

Putting the waistline below the chest can lengthen the overall proportion and create a feeling of the legs below the chest, so even if the stomach is large after 7 monthsBody proportions.

In terms of materials, cotton fabrics can appropriately increase elegance. It is very comfortable after putting on. It is also very friendly to pregnant mothers. The elegant sense of cotton and linen is more elegant, and it can also make the overall look more slender.

However, as a clothing during pregnancy, you must be based on your own comfort. After all, you are comfortable and your baby will be comfortable!

If you want to be a A and ae during pregnancy, then you need to think carefully in the choice of the single product.

After my observation, many pregnant mothers like to wear long T skirts and knitted skirts during pregnancy. It is undeniable that this type of skirt has a good effect, but at the same time, the disadvantages of exposure are also a must.

Therefore, when you want to wear a tight skirt during pregnancy, you can use a denim jacket, leather jacket and other items to properly cover the bulging abdomen, but also bring your own tough and handsome. The cool hot mom on the street is so simple!

In terms of color, cool and handsome black is the focus.Coupled with single products such as Choker, short boots, and so on. The most important thing is that there is no bloated feeling of pregnant women at all.

In addition to tight long skirts, sweaters are also the best items for making handsome.The loose sweater+floral belly skirt, the loose sweater can cover the belly well, the floral skirt on the lower body is light and playful, and the upper pine is really fashionable!

Each pregnant mother has to go through October pregnant and bears a lot of great changes in the body, but don’t forget, you have always been the most beautiful!Don’t blindly pursue the so -called "loose" in order to cover your belly, and you can still be fashionable and beautiful during pregnancy.

That’s it for today’s sharing. Welcome to comment on your favorite dress during pregnancy. See you in the next issue ~ 啵 ~

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