Can I still eat mango when I am pregnant?

Mango is a tropical fruit. It is also known as the king of tropical fruits. It has a unique flavor and a sweet taste. It is loved by the public, especially women.Many women like to eat mango and want to eat during pregnancy, but I don’t know if it should be eaten.At 3 months before pregnancy, the fetus is still unstable, and the risk of abortion is very high, so during this period, expectant mothers should pay special attention to their diet.It is important to add nutrition, but it cannot be eaten blindly.

Can I still eat mango when I am pregnant?

Of course, but to eat correctly!Pregnant women can eat mango during pregnancy, which has no effect on the development of the fetus, but it must be excessive in any amount of fruit.We all know that mango is rich in vitamins, can protect vision, promote gastrointestinal motility, and relieve constipation.Mango is one of the few protein -rich fruits that eat more.Its nutritional value is very high, and the vitamins are rich in the growth and development of babies: vitamin A content is as high as 3.8%, which is once more than apricot.The content of Victorians C exceeds strawberries.Mango contains trace nutritional ingredients such as sugar, protein and calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. that helps the baby grows.

Mango nutrition contains a variety of vitamins, and the fruit tastes heavier. Many women love it.Of course, after pregnancy, expectant mothers can also eat, but the following 3 types of prospective mothers do not recommend eating or less:

Eating mango in allergies can cause allergic allergic constitution to eat mango with caution. After eating, wash away the mango juice from the skin around the lips in time to avoid allergic reactions.Even if you do n’t have a sensitive history, you will have a sense of sound loss in one breath to eat several mangoes in one breath. You need to rinse your mouth with light saline.

Time is also very important. Pregnant mothers want to eat mango to eat healthy, so pay attention to the choice of time.It is best not to eat fruits on an empty stomach. Its fruit acid can stimulate the stomach and the stomach to produce a large amount of gastric acid, especially pregnant mothers with weak gastrointestinals.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant moms better be better after 1-2 hours after meals, and try not to eat fruits before meals.Eating mango immediately after meals can easily cause symptoms such as diarrhea, stomach pain.In addition, the season of pregnant mothers should also control the season of mango. You can eat some dry climate in spring. Do not eat too much in summer. It is easy to heat in the internal heat. It is best to eat less or even not eat it.

Mango is rich in cellulose, which is what we call dietary fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal motility.We know that pregnant mothers are easy to constipation during pregnancy. Mango can promote gastrointestinal motility, thereby helping to defecate, which is very helpful for the pregnant mother’s constipation.

Due to the high sugar content of mango, eating too much will cause hyperglycemia, so pregnant women with diabetes should avoid eating.Therefore, the pregnant mother should pay attention to the method when eating. It is necessary to avoid strengths and not to eat a lot!Otherwise, it will "yellowed" and cause damage to the kidneys.Mango is a high -sweet fruit. It is best not to eat blood sugar in pregnancy during pregnancy. Specific mothers with high blood sugar can eat other fruits and fruits with low sugar, such as cucumber and tomatoes.

You must pay attention to diet hygiene when you eat melon. You must wash the outer skin before eating fruit. Do not use a kitchen knife to cut fruit to avoid bringing the parasitic eggs to the fruit.

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