Can I still do it?Please listen to the objective explanation first

Netizens asked:

Hello, some time ago I found that I was pregnant, and my husband was particularly happy that he was finally going to be a father.

Since finding up pregnancy, he has become particularly careful, and his sexual life has dared to live, because he is afraid of hurting the baby.

Seeing that he couldn’t bear it, I was really distressed and funny.

Want to ask you, is it really impossible to live sex in October?I was only 3 months pregnant and 7 months before I could be born. I was afraid that my silly husband would get sick.

Many people immediately began to ban "sex" as soon as they were pregnant, and the "sex" blessing was abandoned throughout pregnancy.

In fact, it is not necessary.

Most of the saying that "sexual life can be miscarriage and hurt the fetus" is mostly alarmist.

Early abortion is mainly related to chromosomal abnormalities and embryonic dysplasia, and it has little to do with sexual life.

The fetus is protected by amniotic fluid and uterine muscles, and sexual life will not cause harm to it.

But in some cases, you should really avoid sexual life during pregnancy.

First, there was a history of premature birth, and pregnant women with short cervix were found in this pregnancy.

Second, pregnant women with abnormal placenta positions (pre -placenta), especially pregnant women with vaginal bleeding, should prohibit sexual life.

Third, it is suspected that there is a premature birth tend to pregnant women.

Fourth, vaginal bleeding that is unknown.

Fifth, multiple pregnancy.

Pregnant women who have the above five cases should avoid sex during pregnancy.

It should be noted that during the middle and late pregnancy, the abdomen is inconvenient due to increasing sexual life. At this time, the husband should try to be considerate as possible to avoid compressing the abdomen.

During pregnancy, we must pay attention to hygiene issues during pregnancy. It is best to use condoms to avoid adverse pregnancy endings.

Before sexual life, the two sides pay attention to exhausting the urine and clean the external genitals. If any party has a reproductive system infection, sexual life is prohibited.

In summary, if there is a completely normal pregnancy and no discomfort during pregnancy, appropriate sexual life is completely possible. It not only improves the tension of pregnant women, but also greatly enhances the relationship between husband and wife.

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