Can I still attend the wedding when I am pregnant?7 tricks can crack

Can I go to the wedding?This issue is both looking forward to and afraid of harm for pregnant moms.From a healthy perspective, due to the hot scene, there are many people, fearing that pregnant women are not breathing, and should pay more attention not to eat raw fish fillets and other raw food; from the perspective of traditional and folk customs, some mothers have no taboos, but they have no taboos, but they have no taboos, but they have no taboos, but they have no taboos, but they have no taboos.Careful Mummy has all kinds of concerns. What should I pay attention to when I am pregnant to participate in the wedding?Folklore experts say this …

1. Is it happy to attend the wedding?

Teacher Wang Junjing, a folklore expert, explained that people have good luck and bad qi on their bodies, and the auspiciousness of pregnancy and marriage is very strong.Reminds to pay more attention to participating in the wedding.

2. Can pregnant moms not touch the bride?

The two are too strong, it is best to avoid it slightly. For example, pregnant women do not go to the bride’s room, the pregnant mother avoids the pregnant mother when toasting, or the pregnant woman before the bride is sent to leave, avoid taking photos with the bride, etc.significance.

3. Can pregnant mummy be tied to a red line to attend the wedding?

Teacher Wang suggested that it is better than the red line to tie red cloth. Just like the statue of the idol, the eyes of the idol will be tied with red cloth, and the purpose of "isolation" will be used.The joy of the happy feast is isolated, and the two will not intervene in each other.In addition, if the pregnant mother who believes in Taoism can go to the temple to ask for a "hundred taboo symbols" to bring it on the body, it can also resolve the evil spirits.

4. Don’t attend the wedding within three or four months of pregnancy?

Can you say that this is less than 3 months of pregnancy?The topic related to the topic is mainly because the embryo in the early stages of pregnancy is unstable. If the joy is added, it is not good for the fetus. Teacher Wang recommends that he will attend the wedding for more than five months of pregnancy, which is not taboo.

5. Avoid the Zodiac Six Chong

If the pregnancy mommy is very mindful, Teacher Wang recommends that you can first understand the six rushing of the zodiac signs, and see if the zodiac signs of pregnant moms are in the same signs of the bride.The zodiac signs are as follows, that is, the basic six rushes: mice, horses, cattle and sheep, tiger monkeys, rabbits, dragon dogs, snake pigs.

6. You can also calculate at home!See if there is a rush to the wedding day

If you want to know the wedding day, whether the pregnant mommy is "rushed to", you can further understand the meaning of the six -rushing layer.Hai pig.

With reference to the six zodiac signs below, with the perpetual calendar or farmers who have always understood the day, "Is there any rush to the same day?"

For example, the pregnant mother is a rabbit, and you can see "Rabbit Chicken Separation" on the "Zodiac Six Boys".It is "属", so the rabbit’s pregnant mommy represents "rushing to" on October 24.

If the pregnant mother belongs to the dragon, compare the "Zodiac Six Boys"."Therefore, the dragon’s pregnant mommy represents" rushing to "on October 25.

At the time of participating in the wedding, you can also use the above ways to calculate whether it is each other. For example, the wedding banquet is held at 11:00 to 13:00 at the "Noon".The mouse’s pregnant mummy; if the wedding banquet is from 17:00 to 19:00 in the evening, it represents the chicken, and the six rush of the chicken is a rabbit, which will rush to the pregnant mother of the zodiac rabbit.

7. First ask the elders of both parties

Babyhome’s Mummy in the discussion area shared that if the bride has a deep relationship with the pregnant mummy and is not related to the taboos, it is recommended to ask the elders of both parties to see if there are taboos in the older generation.

Other mommy personal experience

◈ Queen Xiaomi Queen: I don’t think I am worse!I was pregnant with a bunch of big and small weddings. I did n’t avoid the bride’s pregnancy and toasting. Everything was normal.

Xiaomei Mom: There is no taboo at all, I feel that my baby is happy.

I love Beckham: I have a small child twice, and I did n’t take it for a long time after attending the wedding, so I did n’t participate at all this time.

Super Woman: I am more careful about taboos, so I have gifts and do not attend.

Regarding whether the pregnant Mommy attended the wedding, the decision right is in their own hands. Each mummy has different views. The above information is provided to the mother’s reference for the traditional taboos. I hope everyone can be happy to participate in the wedding.Happy life of marriage and pregnancy.

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