Can I make up?The advice to the mother of Bao Ma

Heart of beauty in everyone.Individuals have never advocated that expectant mothers come into contact with cosmetics. All the cosmetics on the market are more or less chemical that contains harmful to the body, which will have a serious impact on the fetus, especially for freckle and whitening cosmetics.Causes the fetal deformity.Perfumes, essential oils, lipsticks are not available, and the specific reasons will not repeat it here.Do not make up without makeup. Everything should be important during pregnancy.

If it is a job, it is recommended to explain the situation to your leaders in advance when you need to make up. You can only turn off the makeup. The cosmetics mentioned above are prohibited, and it must not be used.Let’s introduce the precautions for makeup during pregnancy:

1. Use cosmetics to avoid heavy metals such as hormones and copper, mercury, lead and other heavy metals. You should choose products with good quality, guarantee, simple ingredients, and natural raw materials.

2. Clean all existing cosmetics.Put away the cosmetics that cannot be used during pregnancy and store it concentrated. Expired and other people’s cosmetics cannot be used. If you should give away, you should throw it away. Do n’t bear it, otherwise you will have to lose.

3. You can only turn light makeup. Do n’t think of heavy makeup. You must be thorough when removing makeup. You must pay special attention to the choice of makeup remover. There is no trivial matter during pregnancy, but you must not be careless.Using neutral soap is a good choice to avoid washing your face with hot water and the best with warm water.

4. Foundation should be light emulsion type to avoid using water -soluble fluid type!

There is no way to make makeup on specific occasions. I think most Baoma can avoid makeup. Do not make up if you can make up or minimize the number of makeup.In theory, makeup is not good during pregnancy, but Xiaobian wants to reiterate that too much makeup in daily life will have a bad impact on the body, let alone makeup during pregnancy.For more knowledge points during pregnancy, please pay attention: Super Little Gao Gao Mom.

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