Can I know the fastest day of pregnancy?What are the special attention in a special period?Preparation of pregnancy couples

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Just after the Spring Festival, many pregnant people, but now they are just in the special period of "new pneumonia", it is inconvenient to go out and inspection.So the expectant parents who were just pregnant were made by various problems about pregnancy, such as: How many days can I know the fastest day after pregnancy?If you can go to the hospital for examination, what do you need to pay attention to?Next, let’s talk about these common problems in early pregnancy.

Let’s take a look at the "process of pregnancy". From the end of the last menstruation to determining pregnancy, the middle women will go through what processes and time nodes that can confirm pregnancy:

Day 12-14 after menstruation: is the ovulation period. In the same time in this time, sperm and eggs meet to form fertilized eggs;

Day 21 after menstruation: After 7 days in the same room, fertilized eggs will enter the uterus for "settlement". Medical terms are called "fertilized eggs in bed;

21-24 days after menstruation: It is 7-10 days in the same room, and began to secrete the velvet fur membrane to promote gonadotropin (HCG).

26 days after menstruation: That is, about 12 days after the same room, you can use "early pregnancy test strip" to test pregnancy through urine testing. Compared with the blood HCG, the urine HCG shows two days slowly;

28-30 days after menstruation: That is, the day of menstruation should be here, but it does not come as scheduled. Of course, this is for women who usually have menstruation and menstrual cycle of 28-30 days;

About 35 days after menstruation: It is 5-7 days when menstruation delayed, and "early pregnancy reactions" will begin to appear. Of course, if women who do not detect pregnancy in the early stage will not be tested and confirmed to pregnancy, you can also judge pregnancy through the premium reaction.

Therefore, through this process of pregnancy, you can see the different ways to confirm the pregnancy, and the earliest time you know is different, so you can choose the appropriate way according to your own situation: if the blood test is determined, the fastest knows that the pregnancy is last time in the last time the pregnancy is in the last time.About 21-24 days after menstruation; if the urine test is determined, the fastest knows that pregnancy is about the 26th day after the last menstruation; if the menstruation judgment is not coming, the fastest knows is the day of the next menstruation;If judged according to the early pregnancy reaction, the fastest is about the 35th day after the last menstrual period, which is about 5-7 days of menstrual delay.

If you are pregnant, most of the pregnant mothers will have the following early pregnancy reactions, so women who suspect that they can not be confirmed can compare it.

Reaction 1. The mental state is not good

Main performance: tired, fatigue, always want to sleep

At the stage of pregnancy, due to the role of hormones, pregnant mothers will feel that they will feel particularly tired every day and do not want to do anything. I just want to sleep. This is a normal performance in the early pregnancy.In short, take more rest and avoid strenuous exercise in the early pregnancy.

Reaction 2, gastrointestinal response

Main manifestations: nausea, vomiting, poor appetite

Also influenced by raising hormones, the gastrointestinal tract of pregnant mothers will also be affected. It will appear nausea and poor appetite, and may vomit in severe cases, especially when they get up in the morning, when they get up, when they are hungry, they smell some heavy tasteAt the time, the feeling of disgusting will be heavier. Don’t worry. This is also a normal early pregnancy reaction. Just deal with correctly.

How to deal with it correctly: eat less and eat more to avoid the feeling of hunger, which helps reduce the feeling of nausea; the daily diet is as light as possible, avoid eating heavy flavors, and avoid smelling some bad tastes; relax, don’t be too anxious, don’t be too anxious, I personally feel that when I feel a good mood, the pregnancy reaction will be reduced; even if there is no appetite, eat staple food every day to avoid keto acid poisoning in the fetus; the reaction of the pregnancy vomiting series is normal, generally 12 weeks of pregnancy.The left and right will relieve the disappearance by itself; but if a severe pregnancy reaction, go to the doctor for correction or treatment.

Reaction 3. There are also reactions in the private parts

Main manifestations: frequent urination, increased vaginal discharge

After pregnancy, as the embryo is divided and the fetus grows up, the pregnant mother’s uterus will also increase, which will compress the surrounding organs, such as the bladder, which reduces the bladder capacity, and will frequently urinate, that is, "frequent urination" appearsPerformance.

In addition, due to the increase in estrogen, the blood circulation of the internal vaginal vagina will increase, and the secretion will increase; there is also the impact of the increase in the increase of the pregnancy, and the breast will become very sensitive.Large, deepening of areola, tenderness, etc.

However, these performances are normal pregnancy reactions, and pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much or anxious.

How to deal with it correctly: Don’t hold it when you have urine, don’t worry about frequent toilets. This is a normal manifestation of pregnancy. You must take it properly; don’t drink too much water before going to bed, so as not to affect the sleep frequency at night; after pregnancyIt will go through secondary development ", so it is normal to become larger. At this time, the pregnant mother must replace the appropriate bras in time, and try to choose cotton material as much as possible; if the pregnant mother finds that the vaginal secretions become more, then pay attention to hygiene.To wear cotton underwear, and change them frequently, you can also use warm water to clean the private parts every night to ensure hygiene.

Reaction 4. Basic body temperature rises

Main performance: slightly increased body temperature, afraid of cold

Many women start to detect body temperature from pregnancy, and make records every day. If they are pregnant, they will find that the basic body temperature continues to rise, about 37 ° C. Such body temperature will last about three weeks.Of course, this is also a normal performance, not a cold, and don’t take cold medicine easily.

Examination: By the time of the early pregnancy, the inspection is not "must be done"

Recently, many pregnant mothers who have just become pregnant: Do n’t go to the hospital for examination?But now I just happened to be in a special period. I don’t dare to go to the hospital. What should I do?

In fact, in general, a regular check -up was done at 12 weeks of pregnancy, so it could not be checked 12 weeks ago.

Of course, in order to confirm that pregnancy will draw blood or do B -ultrasound, some pregnant mothers also check progesterone and HCG because of fetal heart stops and abortion, and see the values of these two items.

However, if the embryo itself is good, it will naturally go well, and it is not so prone to tire stop and abortion; but if the quality of the embryo itself is not good, it is not easy to protect the tire success.

Therefore, in this special period, if there is no abnormality, you can not go to the hospital for examination in the early pregnancy, just raise it at home;

If a brown discharge occurs, you can go to the hospital according to the situation, but it is generally okay.

If a large amount of bleeding or severe abdominal pain occurs, this situation should be protected to go to the hospital in time.

Mental: Do a good job of protection, good mood is more important

As soon as you are pregnant, the mood of pregnant mothers will be very complicated, happy but also anxious, especially in this special period, I will be nervous and worry.Actually, good mood is more important!

As long as you pay attention to the attention, such as rest, appropriate exercise, balanced nutrition, different rooms, sufficient sleep, abstain from poor living habits, open windows every day, etc.;The advice of the baby’s positive energy will be better for the development of the fetus.

That is, the so -called "mother is good for baby", so the mother must be in a beautiful mood every day.

Pregnancy is a good thing for couples and families. Since the baby chooses this time, it is fate. Cherish and treat good treatments. Pregnant mothers should do the corresponding protection at home, reduce the outs, rest, and stay with the baby baby.Together.

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