Can I have the same room during pregnancy?The same room during pregnancy may have so many benefits to fetal treasures, and the rise in the rise after reading it

Many mothers must have this feeling before.After pregnancy, they will love the uterus very much. This is to protect the child’s health. Therefore, after pregnancy, women should be very careful when they are in the same room, or avoid doing this behavior. Then, do they do this correctly?

In fact, after pregnancy, as long as the fetus is stable, the couple can correctly stand in the same room, so that it will not have much impact on the child. At this time, the same room can also be given

Children and Baoma bring more benefits.

First, promote children’s development

The development of children in the uterus depends on the oxygen and nutrition of the uterus.If you are in the same room at this time, you can shrink the uterus well, so that the uterus can absorb nutrients and make children grow better.

Second, create a good material environment

When a woman is in the same room, she can circulate blood and improve metabolism in the body, which will create a good internal environment for the child and make the child’s development more stable.

Third, promote the relationship between husband and wife

When a woman is pregnant, she will be affected by hormones and will have many negative emotions.This will not only affect the growth of children, but also the relationship between husband and wife will become worse.At this time, appropriate room sharing can alleviate this pressure, promote the relationship between husband and wife, and ensure that the child has a warm growth environment after birth.

First of all, pay attention to hygiene

Because there are still children in the woman’s belly, both sides must pay attention to hygiene in the same room to avoid affecting the child’s health.Because there is liquid exchange in the same room, it is easy to cause bacterial infections.

Second, pay attention to strength

After a woman is pregnant, the uterus will weaken than usual, so men should pay attention at this time, do not press the abdomen, do not act too violently, otherwise it may have a adverse effect on the fetus.

Third, pay attention to the time period

After pregnancy, a woman may not be in the same room at any stage. Both sides must understand that only women can be safer during the mid -term and the most stable period of the fetus.In addition, this behavior cannot be performed in the early and late pregnancy, otherwise it will affect the development of the fetus and eventually lead to major bleeding or abortion.

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