Can I have the same room during pregnancy?Reminder: If you take good measures, you can still harvest these 4 benefits

Pregnancy is the biggest happy event of a family, which not only means the arrival of new life, but also the continuation of parents’ lives.However, for pregnant mothers, the whole pregnancy can be described as "painful and happy."

In the early pregnancy, you must not only face various early pregnancy reactions, such as drowsiness and pregnancy. As the baby continues to develop, it is also necessary to face multiple problems such as inconvenience, body shape, and stretch marks.

Moreover, it is not only difficult for mothers to be for mothers throughout pregnancy, but also a test for her husband.

In the traditional concepts of many people, couples cannot "applaud for love" during pregnancy, otherwise they may cause problems such as abortion and premature birth of fetuses.

Although the same room has little impact on life every few days, it is nearly a year of pregnancy and delivery in October in October.

If the sexual life cannot be performed for a year, can the couple stand it?

A data from Western shows that after women are pregnant, about 60%of pregnant women’s sexual desires will decrease significantly, and 30%of female sexual desires will not change much.

There is also a survey from Hong Kong women in China that after women are pregnant, 70%of human desires will decrease, and 25%of pregnant women’s sexual desires will not change much.

The difference between Chinese and Western data is not much different. Basically, most of the women’s sexual desires will decline after pregnancy.

While the wife is pregnant, 40%of male sexual desires will decline.

Therefore, for some pregnant couples, it may really not really want to love love.

Is it really necessary to be in the same room for couples during pregnancy?

Related domestic information involves less content in this area, but the conclusion given by foreign countries is: you can have the same room!

And it will have these benefits for pregnant women and fetuses:

1. Promote fetal development

It can maintain a sexual life of about 2 to 3 times a week, which has a certain benefit for the development of the fetus.

In the process of sex, pregnant women’s uterus will also shrink due to hormone secretion. At the same time, it will help blood circulation around the uterus and promote infants to absorb more nutrition.

At the same time, pregnant women maintain a good mood and help fetal development.

Second, the uterine environment becomes better

The reason why the same room can cause abortion during pregnancy is because the vibration is produced during sex, and when women are satisfied, the contraction will become strong, so some people think that there must be no room during pregnancy.

But in fact, if the movement of sexuality in the second trimester will not only cause harm to the fetus, but the fetus will like a soft shock.

Moreover, the same room can help women create a better uterine environment. In the same room, pregnant women can feel fetal movement. This is the expression of excitement of the fetus.

3. It is helpful to the delivery

For women who are in accordance with their physical conditions, sexual sex in pregnancy will be helpful for the later delivery.

This is because sex will promote a hormone in the body’s body’s body secretion, that is, the release of "oxytocin", and oxytocin can help cervix make full preparation for fetal delivery.

4. Promote the relationship between husband and wife

After pregnancy, due to the influence of various aspects such as reactions, physical inconvenience, and hormone secretion during pregnancy, pregnant women are easily irritable and their spirit is in a tight state. A trivial matter may cause sadness and anger.

If you can perform sexual life at this time, you will ease the nervousness of pregnant women to a certain extent, and at the same time, you can also give pregnant women some psychological comfort and promote the relationship between husband and wife.

Although there are benefits, you will definitely wonder "Isn’t the same room during pregnancy caused abortion or premature birth."

In fact, early abortion in pregnant women is mainly related to chromosomes and fetal dysplasia, that is, even if you have different homes in the early days, there may be abortion.

The premature birth in the same room in the third trimester is not absolute.

On the contrary, whether it is early or third trimester, frequent or abnormal sexual life (consideration of strength or posture) may cause problems such as changes in the vaginal environment of pregnant women, genital tract infections, and even premature fetal membrane breaking.Factors for fetal danger.

Therefore, everyone has some benefits, if you can’t ensure a safe sex life during pregnancy.

Then boil first, wait for the child to have a good guy.

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