Can I have the same room during pregnancy?Men pay attention!

Pregnancy is a big deal for every family, and many mothers are careful during pregnancy, for fear that it is not good to have a bad impact on the baby.Fetal abortion, no sexual life during pregnancy, will inevitably cause the relationship between husband and wife to break, and there will be many contradictions, which will affect the relationship between husband and wife.It is not good for both parties.

So can we have sex during pregnancy?The answer is yes. Moms can not be so nervous during pregnancy. They can do a moderate sexual life during pregnancy, but pay attention to finding a good time. Generally speaking:

1. In the first three months of pregnancy, it is not suitable for the same room

The first three months can easily lead to abortion in pregnant women.In particular, people with habitual abortion constitution prohibit the same room in the first three months.When going to the hospital for a checkup, the doctor will also recommend that the same room should not be in the same room for three months before pregnancy.Because in the early stages of pregnancy, the placental development was not formed, and the fertilized embryo was not very stable in the bed in the uterus. If at this stage, the same room can easily cause uterine contraction.

2.You can have the same room in the middle of pregnancy, but pay attention to posture and hygiene

If the intensity is too strong, it is easy to cause the fetal membrane to break.In addition, we must pay attention to the hygiene of sexual life. We must pay attention to cleaning to avoid uterine infections, leading to affecting the development of the fetus.Placenta development in the middle of pregnancy is gradually firm and stable. In this case, it can be in the same room.But be careful that there must be restraint and moderate.And pay attention to the extent of the action, try to be as light as possible, pay attention to the posture of sexual life, and choose a posture that will not be pressed to the abdomen of the pregnant woman.In addition, pay attention to taking sanitary and safety measures, bring condoms to prevent the impact of uterine infections, and the health of fetus and pregnant women.And both couples in the same room also need to do a good job of cleaning

3.Three months after pregnancy, it is not advisable to have a room

Three months after pregnancy, due to the large stomach and inconvenient action, pregnant women can easily compress the abdomen of the pregnant woman in the same room. Then due to the stimulation of sexual life, the uterus shrinks, which can easily lead to premature birth.It is not advisable to have a room, especially one month before giving birth, and the same room is forbidden.Because it is immediately due to giving birth, the uterine expansion is large, and sexual life is easy to be infected at this stage.Essence

Not only can I have the same room during pregnancy, but the benefits are many benefits

The same room during pregnancy can not only promote fetal development, but also help the pregnant mother’s uterine contraction, so that the nutrition in the body of the pregnant mother is concentrated on the stomach, which is more conducive to the baby’s absorption of nutrition.During pregnancy, pregnant women will be more nervous and sensitive. At this time, appropriate sexual life can also alleviate the mood of pregnant women.Many pregnancy during pregnancy is worried that the baby is healthy. In fact, this is wrong. For a long time, no sexual life not only affects the relationship between husband and wife, but also has many contradictions.

In the same room, there must be certain bacterial diseases in the south that is aborted in the same body, 1 habitual abortion or before surgery. Then the same room will be transmitted to the fetus and pregnant women. Do not have the same room before the disease is not cured.

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