Can I have room after pregnancy?Is it harmful to the fetus?An article tells you the truth

Does it mean that the life of the husband and wife after pregnancy is gone?Presumably many parents are worried about this problem, I am afraid that because of their own impulse, it hurts the fetus in the abdomen.Will it hurt?Can I be in the same room during pregnancy? Today I said clearly:

1. Can I have the same room during pregnancy?

In fact, there have been too many studies on sexual life at home and abroad, and no adverse pregnancy consequences will be increased during pregnancy.In other words, if you are a healthy pregnant woman, there are no high -risk factors, then you can perform sexual life moderately whether it is early or mid -term or ending.

2. Which pregnant women are high -risk people?

If it belongs to one of the following high -risk people, then you should try to bear it as much as possible, and do not accidentally cause accidents due to sexual life.

If there is a premature experience, a history of habitual abortion or vaginal bleeding; the fetal membranes that wrap the fetus and amniotic fluid are ruptured early or those who have poor cervical function, etc., are unsuitable people who are not suitable for sex.

What do you need to pay attention to in sexual life?

Most pregnant women can live sex normally, but also pay attention to the following points:

1. Take good safety measures:

Someone wants to ask, why are they pregnant? In fact, this is a kind of safety protection for pregnant mothers.Avoid threats to the body of the pregnant mother due to unhygienic or certain infectious diseases.

2. Choose a safe position:

In the early stages of pregnancy, a comfortable posture between husband and wife is sufficient.However, as the pregnant mother’s uterus continues to increase, in the middle and late pregnancy, there will be no way to lie down.Because this will oppress the pregnant mother’s abdomen, excessive pressure will make the pregnant mother feel uncomfortable, and there may be the danger of uterine compression of large blood vessels.

3. How considerate between husband and wife:

Some surveys have found that more than 70%of women will have low sexual desire after pregnancy. Perhaps the physiological factors caused by progesterone, or it may be that the psychological burden of women after pregnancy is increasing.Be more considerate of each other and communicate slowly.

4. Will the fetus hurt the fetus?

In fact, mom and dad are really concerned, because the fetus is in the mother’s belly, with thick sheep fetus and amniotic fluid protection. Even if the outside movement is large, it will not affect the baby’s safety.Some people say that the orgasm can cause uterine contraction. In fact, the most important part of the orgasm is the contraction of the vaginal and anal sphincter, which does not affect the fetus, and it will not cause harm to the fetus.

Therefore, the prospective father must relax. As long as the pregnant mother is healthy, the two people are in good condition, and there is no problem in the same room during pregnancy. Just pay attention to moderate.

Dear parents, you still need to pay more attention to the same room during pregnancy. If you have any questions, leave us a message.

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