Can I have no appetite for pregnancy and heart. Can I really only "carry it"?

Among the common signs of early pregnancy, in addition to the "false" of menstruation, it is estimated that it is more likely to be pregnant.

Data show that more than 75% of pregnant women will have different degrees of nausea, of which 50% of pregnant women will have symptoms of pregnancy, and 0.3% to 1% of pregnant women will also experience pregnancy vomiting.

Once the pregnancy starts, you are either vomiting or on the way to vomit;

There is no appetite to eat, but even if you don’t eat, all kinds of disgusting tastes come to the door;

Even if someone else is pregnant, only if you lose weight …

So where is the monster of pregnancy, can you not sleep if you torture?

The cause of pregnancy vomiting has not been studied too clearly. At present, hormones such as HCG and progesterone are one of the influencing factors, but it is not necessarily a decisive factor.For most pregnant women, don’t worry too much. Pregnancy usually starts in the third week of pregnancy. The second month of pregnancy is the most powerful stage in the pregnancy reaction. By the third month, the symptoms have been alleviated.

Although the reason has not been studied for the time being, it does not mean that when everyone vomits and live, they can only resist.The following tricks may help you relieve:

1. Under the guidance of a doctor, consume B vitamins

Feelings of B -e -vitamins can help expectant mothers to slow down the discomfort of pregnancy, but you should first consult the professional opinion of the doctor of the birth check.

In daily diet, miscellaneous grains, meat, beans, and animal offal are good sources of B vitamins.

2. Avoid irritating food

When I am pregnant, the taste buds of pregnant mothers will be more sensitive, and the taste that I can’t feel before has the opportunity to smell it.

Some irritating foods, such as some spicy foods, greasy foods should not be eaten as much as possible; daily cooking avoid fried and stir -fried methods, you can choose steamed and boiled health methods.

3, a small number of meals

Low blood sugar can easily cause nausea."Women’s Dietary Guidelines" suggests that mothers who are pregnant, even if they have no appetite, cannot be empty, and must ensure that they take no less than 130g of carbohydrates per day, such as bread, rice, etc.

Specific mothers can adopt a small amount of meals to reduce the state of an empty stomach. It is more appropriate to eat 5-6 times a day. You can prepare some easy-to-digest foods between three meals, such as soup, porridge, yogurt, etc., adding full at any time to increase fullnessAbdominal and nutrition.

4. Eat some foods that make the stomach comfortable.

For example: ginger, lemon, yogurt, carrot, tomato, papaya, grapes, apples, sunflower seeds, etc.

More expectant mothers said that when they felt disgusting, smelling the smell of orange or orange can help alleviate and can be placed in places where they can be smelled.

Small reminder: The effect of these foods varies from person to person. Some kinds of food can alleviate the pregnancy of A mother’s pregnancy, but it may cause strong discomfort of mother B.Therefore, you may need to try to find foods that can make yourself comfortable. If necessary, please consult the doctor before eating.

5. Drink plenty of water and replenish water

Pregnancy will consume body moisture, so pay attention to drink plenty of water, a small amount, and it is best to drink more than 8 cups a day.

6. Keep your mood happy and go out and walk more

Excessive tension is more likely to cause vomiting.Talk to the prospective dad; or enjoy the afternoon tea time together with three or five confidants; or listen to music and read books.

Going out, breathing fresh air, and relaxing your mood will also make you feel better; but to avoid the crowd -intensive local movement.

In short, do something that makes you feel relaxed and happy!

7. Take a good rest and keep enough sleep

Sleeping more can actually "escape" pregnancy vomiting.

Listen to some soothing light music before going to bed, or eat foods (such as whole wheat bread, pregnant women’s milk powder) that helps sleep, or eat a little bit.

8. Don’t lie down immediately after meals

When many expectant mothers are pregnant, they often have symptoms of "burning heart". This burning sensation is caused by stimulation caused by gastric acid to the esophagus.

After eating, do not lie down immediately, because this posture is most likely to cause "heartburn"; it is best to sleep straight or right to reduce the stomach acid reverse condition. This is an effective way to prevent "burning heart".

If pregnancy is very serious, it must be paid attention to.When any of these three cases occur, you should take a doctor in time:

The number of vomiting is more than 3 times a day;

Eat and drink everything, vomit;

The weight ratio decreases more than 5%before

Mom’s health is the guarantee of the baby’s normal development.For pregnancy, expectant mothers may worry more about affecting the baby’s nutritional intake.In fact, most mild vomiting will not affect the health of mothers and fetuses.

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